The Social Stigma Of Solid Decisions…

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  • Fri, Apr 08, 2016 - 12:58pm



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My wife and I have a vacation planned to Ireland. Have not had a real "vacation" in 5 years, but I feel irresponsible to leave my (Texas) property and the gazzilions of tasks and projects that can and should be done. Life always feels like Triage….doing 80% or 90% because the next task is time sensitive like getting potatoes in the ground. The airfare is paid for on Amex points, which we think might go away as belt tightening continues at the corporate level. One reason to go is to visit some working organic farms, and perhaps bring some ideas back to my farm. Also we plan to do training on Irish jumping horses. As much as I recoil at the thought of being a "tourist", I also know that a change can be healthy and that I remember coming home inspired and refreshed after a break……I do feel blessed to have choices, because so many in this world could not even consider a "vacation".


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    Taking profits is usually good

RE on both coasts is outrageous, I live in MA, just returned from CA visit where the Chinese are all getting their money out of China by pushing CA RE to the moon. Bubble…IDK. Too old and infirm to make big changes but maybe forced to be a snowbird to CA due to much less pain in warmer weather. I hate FL. GLTA.



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