The Public has Spoken. The Pandemic is Over

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    The Public has Spoken. The Pandemic is Over

This article from The Mises Institute got me thinking.

Politicians and the media haven’t realized this, but the public has decided that the pandemic is over.

In response to the biggest spike yet in cases the change in average mobility has been approximately nothing.  The change in non-essential visits has been approximately zero. The difference in encounter density has been approximately zero.  Auto travel this Thanksgiving will be 96% of last years travel.  Air travel is down almost 50%, but last weekend was the biggest air travel weekend since March, until the record is broken this coming weekend.  In California sheriffs are refusing to enforce the governor’s curfew.  NYC sheriff and police won’t enforce the governor’s Thanksgiving limits.

Any more examples I missed?

I’m not saying nobody is dying anymore just that it look like the public has decided to live with the virus, instead of putting are lives on hold for it.

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    The Public has Spoken. The Pandemic is Over

Yes, I said Covid fatigue set in months ago.    It is an issue.. We had our chance to burn it out.. we didnt.   it is here and it is going to get worse.   You cannot lock it all down forever..  or until this passes , which it wont..  Also.. with the vaccine basically out….. everyone is done with all this.. Its been a long time..

However,  trust me, things will not be as they once were.. Things are going to get ugly in several ways before they start to improve.. Just be prepared..

But to that end,  you are correct.. the pandemic ( as we have been living ) is over.

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    The Public has Spoken. The Pandemic is Over

I think mask compliance has gotten so much better, so even though mobility is almost normal – its not spreading through community like grocery stores etc.. rather it is still being spread through small gatherings of people at hone. This is a great news that we can bring economy back withh masks on – however, our personal gatherings still have to wait ( without masks).

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