the prince of tennis cosplay

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    the prince of tennis cosplay

However, at the same time enjoy the cheerful, in order to cheap underwear reduce unnecessary trouble, Japan For tourists for COSPLAYER photos are limited. In addition to the the COSPLAY outside the photographic District of venue specifically set casual photography is not allowed visitors. The annual Tokyo Game Show, for example, Cosplay and there is no so-called activities, but in the hallway outside the meeting, there will be many COSPLAYER to photography, of course, they will also appear in the venue, but in welcome to pia carrot 2 costumes principle, the venue is not to shoot gothic lolita dress COSPLAYER, also some people may be agreed to let you shoot, but this must go out before final fantasy cosplay they can take pictures. As for the reasons, one is because the venue is the activities of the manufacturers, to shoot only take manufacturers showgirl, although the company does not seem to bleach cosplay costume be tube, but COSPLAYER himself or may not like the behavior of the order, the Japanese already those who are according to the provisions, so that should not be photographed, they will refuse to Oh! The other reason is that in most cases they pay more attention to their own identity, but also hope you angel costumes can lolita blouses respect them, so when they want to take the time to visit, you may not want people have been looking for chobits cosplay their picture. The cosplay costume Third, it is because a lot of Japanese COSPLAYER self performance requirements are very high, so in the venue shooting conditions bad, they do not want to be photographed, if you want to shoot, rather can take pictures outside local kids cosplay costumes plenty of sunshine gracefully satisfied with the position, so you photograph in the United States and the United States.

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