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The “phony three-headed main-stream Republican candidate monster” deception & conspiracy…

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  • Thu, Mar 01, 2012 - 08:08pm



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    The “phony three-headed main-stream Republican candidate monster” deception & conspiracy…

See video below to uncover the lies, hypocrisy and deception…

Super Tuesday Push
In this race for the Republican nomination for President, there is one very big and very real "conspiracy" that’s been going on since day one.

But it’s not one members of the media bother to speak about very often.

So today, I’m going to lay the facts bare.

The real conspiracy is main-stream Republican candidates’ attempts to masquerade as conservatives when, in reality, they’re anything but

Just take a look at the Ron Paul TV ad campaign ("Three of a Kind" TV ad) posted above to see what I’m talking about.

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The truth is, right now, our nation is over $15 TRILLION in debt. 

More and more Americans are realizing that we must change course – and FAST.

But a recent study of "the phony three-headed monster", TPTHM) economic plans showed that every one would only INCREASE our federal debt!

Ron Paul’s plan?  It does exactly what he says it will do – it enacts REAL spending cuts and puts our nation back on the path to prosperity.

But it’s not just the facts about their economic plans TPTHM are trying to hide.  Just consider:


***    Whether it’s the $700 billion TARP bailout, traditional marriage, abortion, the Second Amendment, or taxes and spending, Mitt Romney has been on both sides of virtually every issue important to conservative voters;

***    From supporting TARP, to Cap-and-Tax, to the individual mandate central to "ObamaCare," to getting paid $1.6 million by Freddie Mac to keep the housing bubble expanding, the truth is, Newt Gingrich has a record even Barack Obama would be proud of;

***    Rick Santorum voted to DOUBLE the size of the Department of Education, give millions of taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood, and even voted with Big Labor against a National Right to Work Act to end forced union dues nationwide.

Now media reports are saying Big Labor is hoping for a Barack Obama vs. Rick Santorum showdown this November.

That way, it’s a win for the union bosses regardless of the outcome!

These are hardly conservative records.

On the other hand, Ron Paul has spent more than 30 years consistently advocating the Founding Principles of individual liberty, free markets, sound money, and constitutional government.

The American people are realizing this fact, which is why he is drawing crowds by the thousands at each rally he holds across the country.

It’s also why Dr. Paul has a real shot at winning the Republican nomination because of his campaign’s incredible success at picking up delegate after delegate below the radar (not the misleading nominal count, but real delegates who will vote for him at the Republican convention).

And when Dr. Paul WINS the Republican nomination, it’s going to wreck the establishment’s Big Government, big spending gravy train.

The truth is, Ron Paul is the only candidate who you can trust to do exactly what he says he’ll do if elected President.

When he says he’s going to cut $1 TRILLION in federal spending during the first year of his presidency and balance our budget by the third year -HE MEANS IT!

The real "conspiracy" in this race for the presidency is TPTHM masquerading as conservatives when, in reality, they’re anything but.

The truth is, Ron Paul is the only candidate in this race you can trust to CUT spending, balance our budget, and stand up for limited constitutional government.

His campaign is feverishly trying to get the word out with their "Three of a Kind" TV ad.

Please consider voting for Dr. Ron Paul in your regional caucus, volunteering your time (even if just from home via phone banking) for his campaign, and/or donating to help run TV ads like the one above in as many Super Tuesday states as possible.

Pause and reflect on doing your part in helping restore America.
P.S.   Please do consider forwarding the video/TV ad above and this message to any of your friends and family who are interested in helping to get America back on track on the road of liberty and prosperity. Thank you. 


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    It is a sad story…

It is a sad story.  You can pick your reasons but the media and the repub party machine just do not like Dr. Paul – they just don’t like him.  I have talked to a lot of repubs about him and I tend to hear the same thing over and over – they do not like his views on foreign policy.  In general he wants to pursue an isolationist foreign policy.  You don’t jack around with us and we won’t jack around with you.  I kind of like it myself but I know there are a lot of bad people in the world.  The bad people are not going to leave us alone.  Sorry, but they are not going to.  I do like his domestic policies.  For instance, his position on the Fed Res is right on.  We should simply nationalize the Fed Res.  We should have sound money.  SInce we do not and will not as long as there is a Fed Res we are in big trouble.  I think his views on the constitution and Fed Gov over reach and over spending are right on.  I am not sure how you fix the spending spree.  To bring spending in line with revenue you would have to cut 40% of the Fed Gov.  That would be 40% of the employees, 40% of social security, medicare, medicaid, food stamps, section 8 housing, agg subsities, the military, 40% of everything.  Cutting 40% of the Fed Gov spending would be about 8% of the GDP.  This would result in the next depression.  Cutting 8% of the GDP would resultl in a true financial emergency.  Besides, the congress would never agree.  There is no way the repubs or dems would ever agree to such a plan.  No way.  So the spending spree is not going to stop until there is a disaster and associated reset.  So, in summary, the dems hate him as he is a constitutionalist – the devil himself from a dem point of view.  The repubs don’t like him as it messes up their big spending plans.  The military does not like him because he is anti-military.  The media does not like him because he is a constitutionalist.  A lot of people do not like him for one reason for another.  He will not be the repub in the general election.

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