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The origins of the Quantitative Easing Sin

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    The origins of the Quantitative Easing Sin

“Banks allowed to use taxpayer money to engage in potentially risky trades: The bill rolls back a provision that was part of financial reforms for Wall Street banks. It reverses a rule that was enacted in 2010 that barred banks from using taxpayer backed funds from trading in derivatives. Democrats argue these often risky trades helped contribute to the financial collapse in 2008.”

–From CNN 12-13-2014

Hot Rod Bankers

Putting the peddle-to-the-metal. Cue the Beach Boys,  

She’s real fine my 409

She’s real fine my 409
My 409 [401k, that is, [sic]]
“Well I saved my pennies and I saved my dimes
(Giddy up giddy up 409)
For I knew there would be a time
(Giddy up giddy up 409)
When I would buy a brand new 409…”
“Nothing can catch her
Nothing can touch my 409
(409 409 409 409)”
Didn’t Jaimie and his buddies grow up in the early sixties?
Yureeka! that’s where quantitative easing comes from.
Those evil Hot Rot Magazines!!!
Lordie, lordie, the preacher was RIGHT!!!
That’s devil music.
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