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The Nature of a Politician

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  • Mon, Dec 01, 2008 - 02:53pm



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    The Nature of a Politician

Given the near unanimous consensus among Martensonians that "the next twenty years are going to be nothing like the last…," I would like to offer up a question or two to this very thoughtful and concerned community, questions that have been, with each passing day and every new and improved dictate from our newly self-appointed dictator, King Paulson, consuming more and more of my conscious thoughts.

So I ask, hoping that some of you have been having similar concerns:

1. Given your perspective on the Nature of a Politician, and the nature of those who currently reside in and recently have held such positions of power, what can we expect from those who will seek these positions over "the next twenty years?"

2. Would you consider pursuing such a job? Why or why not?

Thanks for any and all responses, as I know this community can help put some things in perspective as regards our government.


  • Mon, Dec 01, 2008 - 05:55pm


    Rob Z

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    Re: The Nature of a Politician

I would consider something on the local level (politically speaking), but NOT at the national level such as US Congress or above. There would have to be major reform starting at the grass-roots level and that change WILL NEVER come top down. Only bottom up reform can have an impact on our situation, that with every day that passes slips further from our collective grip. Watch what happens to the "Party" that won the election on "Change" – it’s already headed down the path of business as usual. I see major disillusionment, (is that a real word), after the glitz and glitter wears off.  

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