The Martenson Fund? Count me in!

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  • Thu, Dec 18, 2008 - 12:35am



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    The Martenson Fund? Count me in!

Folks i have a not so crazy proposition for these crazy times. A pool, a fund, a giant bet if you like;

We the people here on this website open an account, managed by one of the staff here (im sure we all trust them) and in a fund type way, we all buy shares of it

then we invest it here and there, over the coming months, we gamble like there was no tomorrow (Note: there is no tommorrow, so gamble ūüôā based on the consensus of the wise and informed participants of the hair brained, crazy scheme. I.e The¬†speculative members of this forum.

Exponential: That bit about the higher the %, the shorter amount of time required before you can see the hockey stick? well, there is an undeniable chance my friends that our fund could "Go Hockystick" in a short while

the 1st stage of investment i would suggest would be Options trading. Profit, or draw money out of the system, because its all going down. I elaborated on the notion, drunkenly im embarrased to admit, here;

and then who knows, move chunks to this currency, that currency, this Etf or that resourse, as the group consensus decides, we vote on it and discuss it. There are squillions to be made and then squillions more to be saved (in gold) if TWSH is going up in flames. Theoretically we can salvage some of the wreck and use it later for the greater good is what im saying Рdetails on the crazy (again, drunken, sorry guys) notion here,

The people, the information and the predictions on this site are amazing, there is insight here that can be used for good, why not use it?

So whos up for it? i will gladly put in the 1st $500 and i would like to nominate one of the staff or Chris of course as treasurer ūüėȬ†

A certain large amount of the spoils will go to charity of course and also finance the movie production of the crash course that ive read about here somewhere, that could be the payment or commission if you like for looking after the fund for us. then perhaps, later down the line we shall all meet up, share our gold and tell tall tales of snakes and ladders, dragons, demons and fair maidens.

whaddya say guys? im in if you are, i mean it. Im not joking, even if i lost it all it would be the most interesting $500 i ever lost. At least i wouldnt be wasting it!


PS. Please look past my embarrasing drunkeness in the above links to the sound, financial insanity underneath it.

  • Thu, Dec 18, 2008 - 12:59am



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    Re: The Martenson Fund? Count me in!

I’ll invest.



  • Thu, Dec 18, 2008 - 01:08am



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    Re: The Martenson Fund? Count me in!

I’ll invest too!

  • Thu, Dec 18, 2008 - 01:42am



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    Re: The Martenson Fund? Count me in!

This may not be such a wise idea, for several reasons…


First, the primary message of the Crash Course does not relate to speculative investment strategy. It is a neutral, academic look at the various factors which threaten the long-term stability of our economic and environmental systems. The mere existence of a highly speculative investment fund would tend to severely cheapen the Crash Course, and limit the acceptance of its message, by implying that it is related to a money-making scheme, regardless of the disposition of the profits.

Second, the clear implication would be that the outstanding success of the fund would reflect the outstanding truth of the website’s message. Conversely if the fund were to falter, its short-comings would be forever interpreted by the public as proof of the invalidity of the entire crash course message. That would be a shame, since the fundimental message of this website has little to do with stock speculation.

Third, there are already many funds which trade to profit on a falling dollar and increasing energy prices, and

Fourth, the legal and regulatory demands imposed upon such an operation are unfathomably large.

  • Thu, Dec 18, 2008 - 02:44am

    Chris Martenson

    Chris Martenson

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    Re: The Martenson Fund? No way!

I love the vote of confidence, but I can put a stop to this talk right here…the amount of regulatory preparation necessary to pull this off would completely consume me for at least a year, maybe more.

Of all the things that need doing over the next year, filling out paperwork, obtaining licenses, writing prospectuses, and taking tests are all pretty far down on my personal list of things to do.

Waaaaaay down the list.

However, I am interested in building investment in community and fortunately this activity is not yet heavily regulated so we can start right away.

And you know what?  Over the next few years, it is this investment alone that will return the most to its "investors."

It is (past) time to transition from being an "I" to a "we" culture. That’s where my head is.

  • Thu, Dec 18, 2008 - 02:53am



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    Re: The Martenson Fund? Count me in!

Your head’s in the right place.

  • Thu, Dec 18, 2008 - 05:08am



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    Re: The Martenson Fund? Count me in!

Well I think it is a nice and honorable thought. However, I do not belive what was initially proposed by barrt is realistic or prudent. There is a whole legal side to such an endeavor and how can anyone really trust someone to manage it.

With all due respect I am not trusting anyone here with my money, not even Chris. I would want to see a prospectus and the legal details before I made such an investment.

I think there a few other actions we can take. Donate what you think is fair to this community, if you can or are so inclined. Distribute DVD’s, site links, and even the .iso files.

I am conserving as much as possible of my income. I live in NY state and as you know taxes are going to go up significantly here.

My contribution is spreading the word about the Crash-Course, linkes to the site, and on other social networking sites, as well as seeding the Torrent from my colocated server.

However, I respect barrt’s intentions, if the world was ideal, fair, trustworthy, and the legal stuff reasonable then I would be with you.


  • Thu, Dec 18, 2008 - 06:29am



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    Re: The Martenson Fund? Count me in!

I’m not sure what the scheme is… but count me in… i guess.¬† I’m clueless.¬† I have no idea what you just wrote, Barrt.¬† Can’t we just start a compound somewhere and start our own village?¬† Now that would be great. Smile

We’ll need:











With the knowledge we have re: permaculture and etc. we’d have so much leisure time!

  • Thu, Dec 18, 2008 - 08:39am



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    Re: The Martenson Fund? Count me in!

I have a thought. We all accept that the next 20 years will be unlike the last 20 years. But why must the future outlook always revert back to a survivalist mentality. I am not sure that I buy these perpectives of these communes everyone writes about.

Start our own village? Perhaps the change starts in the communities/cities we already live in. Why tear down the old or build a new community, but rather change the community we live in. How do we know that one of us may need to be a blacksmith, hunter, or gatherer?

Many seem very focused on this perspective, and while I agree that it may indeed be possible, we are simply not at that stage yet. It seems that many have already capitulated and have decided that the system will fail catastrophically. That is not the primary message I received from the Crash Course.

I believe that it does not have to come to that. It is a given that some of our time and energy must be directed to such contingencies, but perhaps more energy should be spent working to make the system we have more efficient, responsible, and about all honest.

While I certainly have survival concepts in my mind and I am preparing my own plans as such, it is not my vision for the future. I am not going to capitulate now and decide that all is lost and make that my sole purpose for living.

If the system breaks to such a point as many fear it will, then there will be no happy little communes where everyone chips in and does their part. History is full of tragedy when crisis occurs and my friends I have little reason to believe that all will be well if the worst comes to pass.

We can help turn the tide and provide hope with a purpose and a plan, without all the doom and gloom that seems inherent to the survival mentality. The key is to reshape our communities to work within the confines of our resources, means, and ability; and carry that on through to the rest of the nation.

There are serious problems, these are not only our problems, but we have made them our childrens problems. I refuse to hand them a broken world, I will not accept that a survivalist lifestyle is the only possible outcome for them, we owe them better. Especially considering we are spending their future right now.

I agree we must be prepared for the worst but we need to plan for the best possible outcome. What really needs to change in our life is responsible resource usage, efficient energy consumption, living within our means, erradication of fiat currency, central banking, fractional reserve lending, crub population growth. If we limited ourselves to consuming what could be sustained or even less then we would have a real future to look forward to.

We could still have many of the things we enjoy today, perhaps less of them, but we could still have technology, homes, travel, infrastructure, modern medicine, pursuit of knowledge, etc.


  • Thu, Dec 18, 2008 - 01:40pm



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    Re: The Martenson Fund? Count me in!

Gabriel, I love what you are saying.¬† I’ve printed it out to share with others, and to remind myself how I want to think.



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