The Internet of Bodies

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    The Internet of Bodies

IoB ….the Internet of Bodies is “A growing industry of devices that monitor the human body, collect health and personal information, and transmit that data to the internet.”

Anyone see any possibility of abuse here?

This includes the ability to alter the human body’s function. IoB is directly connected to Transhumanism, Biohacking, and Cyborgs. This is a tool for the “Great Reset”.

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    The Internet of Bodies

>>Anyone see any possibility of abuse here?

Oh, I do see bodies in the future here.  Stacks and stacks of them…

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    The Internet of Bodies

This brings the gates 060606 patent to mind. Where the social credit score is heading 20 years from now, directly connected with meta. It will take a while for people to get used to implants, but as we’ve seen, it’s already been a thing in Switzerland. Eventually it will be common place to have a chip in the hand, like cell phones and vaccine apps. By that time people will be more conformed to the government making such mandates and I’m sure they will tie it in with stopping the “cyber pandemic.”

Hell, it might be coming sooner than we think.

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