The Governments Grand Plan

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  • Wed, Dec 17, 2008 - 11:37pm



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    Re: The Governments Grand Plan

I checked the whole thing, also watched Zeitgeist (the 2nd and 3rd parts).

So ok, I admit it’s plausible. Yes the next 20 years will be different from the last 20 ones. Will the USD sink, will we see the Amero replacing the whole thing? Will it be backed by debt? Will we see the american revolt against the FED?

The Obama govnt seems to go against the plan: end the war in Irak, be energy independant… not good for the debt. Okok there is still the baillout but it wasn’t Obama’s decision, he has no choice or everything will crash… ouch! watch out inflation!

Do you believe the american govnt is still working for its people? When a govnt is changing, is it still the same people behind? I mean, it’s a dramatic change you’ve made recently!

As for the Georgia Guidestones, don’t know if it’s related to what we are currently seeing. Could be something done by another group or a sect. Don’t know.


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    Re: I will predict now that shortly


I will predict now that shortly somewhere, somehow we will have an uprising. It may be in America, and it already has happened overseas with demonstrations. If that uprising is not large, armed and strong enough, it will be crushed to set an example.[/quote]

Krogoth, good to see you’re still with us……!

Now, I ask you this: IF the US army can’t keep a lid on Iraq, how will it keep a lid on the far more populous and better armed US citizenry?  And do you think the majority of US soldiers will be happy to shoot at their own people? 

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