The doctors are speaking :)

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    The doctors are speaking :)

Summary for skim readers below…yep, they have been suppressed but it was so good to hear multiple doctors supporting the first doc, all of which is in line with what Vanden Bossche has said.  You can’t censor all the people, all of the time.

Got to this link via a comment on Alex Berenson’s latest substack – H/t FreedomSeeker

First caller up is Paul, Infectious diseases epidemiologist, working on Covid for 19 months, focus on early treatment.

– his view is that children are not candidates for these vaccines as they can harm while not providing any benefit
– Purpose of call is around the Israeli data 3rd which data shows did the opposite of what was intended and exploded the transmission. They (Paul the epi + team?) are arguing that the vaccinated people are carrying such a high viral load they are contributing to the spread. NOT a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
– Deaths out of UK 70% double vaccinated [note that is not per 100Kvx vs 100K unx which will change the percentage]
– Ho Chi Ming study, 69 double vax’d healthcare workers confined for two weeks spread among each other with a viral load 251 times [higher than unvaccinated]
3:40 min – how is it possible that someone vaccinated would have 250x the viral load of someone unvaccinated?

“The reality is that we have always known that you never vaccinate during an ongoing epidemic or pandemic. That is a virologist’s greatest fear because you drive the emergence of the variants and mutations”.

“You are putting evolutionary pressure on the pathogen and it is selecting variants that are highly more infections…not lethal because it does not want to kill the host, it wants to survive so it is mutating downwards”…..”Highly infectious will be selected forward, and those are the ones that will be the new dominant variant.”

– Finding in the US etc is that Pfizer does not hit the Delta anymore as Delta bypasses the antibodies that the vaccine produces. Explains original strain is what the vx is built on.  Stresses the vaccine WILL FAIL, natural immunity best.

7:00 min Is it your opinion that the only way to end this is natural immunity?

Ans: 1. Double/triple down protection of the vulnerable, elderly. 2. Tell the public about Vit D and to get your house in order fitness wise. 3. While this is happening offer the elderly early outpatient treatment if infected and give them the antivirals we know work. They will clear the infection, become naturally immune and survive. 4. Allow those who are healthy to live a largely unfettered life, free + no masks.

Paul is clearly very passionate about what he is saying. Hosts, who seem to have never heard such things before, ask for any other doctors listening to call in with their opinion of what has been said by passionate Paul …


10:10 mins Julian, Internal medicine

– Says guest above nailed it. At 10:32 mentions another epidemiologist John…something, predicted the deaths based on the Diamond Princess.
50 years ago most Drs where in private practice and businessmen. Now most are hired by corporate entities. J says he works for a corporate and could be censored.


11:53 Gretchen, (I can’t make out the type of doctor she is)
– 100% agrees. Worked in prison system in Hawaai when Covid hit. 291 prisoners, 18 never got the virus who should be studied because they were obviously exposed. She says she had nobody die. They were using convalesent plasma (?), they didn’t use any of the cheaper and effective theraputics.

12:46 Does it track for you that because of the processes of how virus’ evolve and react to vaccines, that those vaccinate could be spreading the virus even with no symptoms?
– Yes. You can be an asymptomatic shedder.

13:20 Could it be in greater numbers for the vaccinated than the unvaccinated, because that was the claim?
– That is what is happening. This is a disease of the vaccinated at this point.
Mentions taking Vit C and NAC.


14:06 Michael
14:12 Did you agree with the substance of what was said?
– The answer is yes, in short.
– I’ll make this quick so I don’t sound pretenious. I have two covid treatments pending, FDA approval on a cancer treatment, writing a white paper on first do no harm.
– Everything said I agreed with
– if you look at your whole hand with the fingers being the spike protein, and the palm the virus, you’ve only vaccinated with the fingernail. When someone is naturally immune they make antibodies against the whole hand including the fingers. It’s also less likely that will have a chance to mutate. More likely it will mutate in the vaccinated people.


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    The doctors are speaking :)

Yes, but how many?

There are ~ 1 million MDs in the USA.  According to Peter McCullough, only 500 or so docs are treating COVID with early treatment remotely  (via APPS, FLCCC, Frontline docs, etc.

Sure hope there are a lot more…

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    The doctors are speaking :)

There an ABC news affiliate in Detroit requests the help from its members/followers to provide stories on some loved one that died wishing they get the vaccine. The replies they actually got are eye popping! 45,000 replies and not one of them that I could find fit what they were fishing for, quite the opposite, everyone was posting on how they or someone they know was injured by the jab and why don’t they do a story on that!

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    The doctors are speaking :)

Is that face book post still active, I would have thought the facebook team would have axed it. ,It hit 64000 replies,  but they were all with people with no one with unvaxxed family deaths, but all with friends, co workers, and family with vaccine deaths or disability injuries.

even if its axed, I wouldnt worry, many people have 1000s of posts in captured screen shots with real facebook user names.

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    The doctors are speaking :)

I too wondered why that post is not being censored by FarceBook and so I think FarceBook may overlook that account as an ABC affiliate and part of the news media networks that are “towing the line”. They’re not even noticing the replies, yet, until this gets widespread attention and then maybe FarceBook will take action and censor the whole thing. Just my 2 cents.

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    Reply To: The doctors are speaking :)

I do not have a Faceborg acct, however, I can usually view pages that belong to corporate entities if they make them viewable to the public.

However, that link listed above for the ABC affiliate is not viewable unless you log in. It appears they are trying to suppress the info at least somewhat.

MsSmith, thank you for taking the time to post that summary.

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