The Definitive 9/11 Documentary

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    Potential consequences of a big John Hancock


[quote=Bankers Slave]

Can anyone enlighten me on the relevance of the tree bark removal mystery information.

Thanks in anticipation.


Perhaps a subtle "change of topic" to divert attention away from the discussion at hand?


He he.  smiley  Well actually the tree bark was shipped away to Chinese recycling yards, along with the thermite-laden steel.

No, Bankers Slave and Time2Help, no secret agenda to distract is coming from me.  C'mon nine eleven truthers…let's see who is up on their conspiracy trivia.  

Quiz question: What is the only Netherlands-based car accident that is routinely connected to the alternative 9/11 narrative?


The reason that I was asking whether it was plausible that tree bark got taken off a tree by a car wreck or by other means in a sleepy Dutch village has to do with this question.


Answer:  The Danny Jowenko crash.  Here's the late Danny Jowenko, demolition expert.  Here's the aftermath of the crash in Serooskerke, in which he reputedly died.


I was just looking at some of the footage and wondering, that's all.  But I don't want to distract people from what seems to be the main piece of evidence, which is the freefall of WTC 7.


I thought we were supposed to keep this kind of stuff in the dungeon.  Are any of us prepared for the consequences of discussing this topic on any thread at all, or even in emails?  I think some members have wisely insinuated that it's better not to broach this topic.  I have given into indulgence, however, as I am wont to do.  Apologies to our African/Australian wise man for my lack of discipline; he's probably right about this.

Many of the Chilean leftist who supported Allende had no idea that a few months later they'd be herded into the National Football Stadium, tortured and killed.  Victor Jara, the Chilean Bob Dylan, was one of the victims.  His crime?  Writing pro-union folk songs, and seditious ballads like el derecho de vivir en paz.*  Pinochet's thugs pulverized his fingers and then invited Jara to try and play his guitar again.  Then they shot him in a game of Russian roulette.  If those leftists had known the eventual result of supporting a democratically elected Socialist president, I wonder how many of them would have decided to remain a bit quieter.

After the regime shift that likely come after a major financial reset, or a big war, or possibly another terrorist attack – be it false flag or real – what will be the consequence for those who had the gall to suggest that 19 foreigners and their foreign mastermind boss were not the actual culprits 13 years ago, and that the real organizers may very well have held blue passports and the highest security clearance?

How would I fare in Room 101?  Probably not very well, considering the fact that pretty much all physical pain in my life has come from moderately bearable sports-related injuries.  In a few more years, will Room 101 appear in a developed OECD-rich country democracy near you?  I wouldn't rule it out.

I'm all for courage too.  I love the idea of signing my signature as big as John Hancock signed his, even if that story is a myth.  But, I prefer my courage, and my consequences, to be abstract in nature.  I'm not up for secret cancer-causing agents, detention centers, or any other consequence that involves isolation, humiliation, mind control and waterboarding, but I realize that it's possible that this is how I will end, simply for wondering if the official story is wrong.  It's a possibility that I may have to face, but I wouldn't say I'm ready for it.  Are you?

Cheers,   Hugh

*The right to live in peace

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    Very cleverly put indeed.

I respect your honesty. 

They know where i am if they ever want to come and get me and that will always be the case, so there is no point in me backing off now. Its the least i can do for all those lost lives and for those lost yet to come.




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    Another definitive 9/11 doc

I'd also recommend the 2002 documentary "9/11" by the Naudet brothers, who were in the middle of filming a story about the experience of a rookie firefighter who had just joined the NYFD.  They ended up filming the fire crews outside and inside the towers, as they were coming down.  Listen for the noise that the fire marshals all immediately wince at and recoil from, as they stand on the ground floor of one of the two main towers, that causes them to flee.  Also keep an eye out for the mural van that drives by, in the street footage.  (Sorry, no timestamps; it's been too long since I watched it or had the disk.)  Here's the NetFlix link, for anyone who's interested:

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Has the fact that a section of one of the buildings did not collapse with the rest of the building been discussed on any of these forums?

minutes 7:30 – 11:40ish

I also love Mason's description of the debris falling from the top of one of the building as a measure of free-fall speed. Is there a flaw in that logic?

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