The Curious Case of Believing China Now . . .

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  • Wed, Mar 25, 2020 - 05:38pm



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    The Curious Case of Believing China Now . . .

I find it curious that almost all of the big media outlets continue to quote China’s official numbers regarding the Honey Badger Virus as if these numbers are gospel and unassailable.

Yet, these same “news” outlets are the ones who were exposing the CCP’s use of “reeducation centers” (also called concentration camps) for the Muslim populations in China’s western provinces.  These same “news” outlets have repeatedly reported on how the CCP mistreats and otherwise occupies Tibet.  These same “news” outlets also repeatedly tell us that the CCP wishes to invade Taiwan.  And these same “news” agencies reported on the bravery of the people of Hong Kong in their protests against the increased authoritarian reach of the CCP into Hong Kong.

But NOW, when it comes to the Honey Badger Virus (I’ve heard it referred to the CCP virus too) then everything coming out of Beijing is gospel.  B.S.

I found this article that, if true, is terrifying, but no “real” news agency seems to want to touch it.

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