The Coming Great Wealth Transfer

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  • Tue, Jun 10, 2014 - 02:52pm


    Adam Taggart

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    The Coming Great Wealth Transfer

Here is footage of Chris' presentation from the Wine Country Conference back in early May:

Following his presentation, Chris joined a panel of the morning's other presenters, Mike Shedlock & Steen Jakobsen:

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  • Tue, Jun 10, 2014 - 05:11pm



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    Readers Digest Version

I thought that Chris's talk was a great Readers Digest version of the Crash Course. I think it can be a great intro for those people that can't be bothered to take the time to read the book or watch the 3+ hours of the full course. Great refresher as well!

  • Tue, Jun 10, 2014 - 05:17pm

    Chris Martenson

    Chris Martenson

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    Thank you!


I thought that Chris's talk was a great Readers Digest version of the Crash Course. I think it can be a great intro for those people that can't be bothered to take the time to read the book or watch the 3+ hours of the full course. Great refresher as well!


Thanks brewer…and heck, even I watched it this morning.  I usually don't watch my talks all the way through anymore, but I did this time as it's getting closer and closer to 'honed.'

Getting the 'wealth transfer' more perfectly wedded to resources is my goal on this next iteration as that will help to align personal self-interest, personal actions, and regenerating the living capital of this great spaceship we call earth.

I am open to any and all tweaks and ideas…

  • Tue, Jun 10, 2014 - 08:57pm



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    Great Stuff


I've been following you for almost a year now, and I love your analysis of the cavalcade of issues coming down the pike.  I think you do the best job of describing succinctly how you get to each claim you make in your arguments.  The ONLY thing I think would help you out is some better design.  Your powerpoints are full of good information, but they are pretty bland style-wise.  I think just some simple facelifts, (nothing too flashy or ridiculous), would help make your message even more impactful.  Shameless plug insert: I happen to be a freelance graphic designer, and I would LOVE to work on something that I'm also passionate about.  Check out my site:, and let me know if you could use my assistance on anything.


Cary Hawkins

  • Wed, Jun 11, 2014 - 01:52am


    Beckett Bennett

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At one point Chris said something like "with just the perception of food insecurity and nations started hoarding". What will happen when there is the "perception" of fuel (gas & diesel for vehicles) shortage?  Hoarding, perhaps rationing and if so what criteria will be used?  We never hear any discussion about this but, certainly, it is not inconceivable?

AK Granny

  • Wed, Jun 11, 2014 - 09:57am

    robie robinson

    robie robinson

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    all good farmers hedge

their basics,fuel,fertilizer…with thousands of $ of reserve/storage

  • Thu, Jun 12, 2014 - 08:30am



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    Great vids!  I’m impressed

Great vids!  I'm impressed that the Environment is presented now second only to Energy…..things are changing.  Again, great presentations.  Aloha, Steve.

  • Thu, Jun 12, 2014 - 12:09pm


    Arthur Robey

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    The Dirt We Eat.

Limit to Growth models emphasise the imperative to move Capital from industry into agriculture.

I wonder if this is what we are watching? Industry (Secondary economy) seems to have slumped. Tertiary economy is off with the fairies. All that is left is the mined out soils.

I wonder what micro-nutrients are missing already from the diet that will affect mental capacity? Did I mention endocrine disruptors?

This is like a Science Fiction dystopia.

In a future where the earth has been savaged by overpopulation and over-farming, robots are considered more valuable than humans and sand must be altered to create artificially fertile soil. Ex-convict Knowle Noland, the hallucinating sea captain of the Trieste Star, finds himself wrapped up in a plot to incite a global war that will wipe out millions. War, it seems, is the only way to drastically reduce the population and create a better world for those who survive.

  • Sun, Jun 29, 2014 - 08:32pm



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    So how does the average

So how does the average person protect themselves from the coming wealth transfer when we're priced out of primary wealth? 

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