The Benifits of High Oil

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    The Benifits of High Oil

Oil is dropping I believe because of 2 factors. 1 being the American election, and possible pressure from the 2 candidates to lower the price to get everyone in a rah rah mood, even though both candidates have taken no credit for this.

OPEC has already held an emergency meeting to reduce productivity to raise them right back up again, but an interesting by product is that the American people, as well as the world, proved that watching the consumption of gas or reducing driving had a great impact on OPEC. So much so they had to have this emergency meeting.

Now what does this mean? It means once again I am stating what I always have. The power resides in all of us. Just doing simple things can make a big difference, like carpooling, mass transit, riding a bike, riding a gas efficient scooter or moving to a hybrid. All of these are the Achilles heel of OPEC.

How far will OPEC go? I don’t know, because they can do what they want unregulated. They can drop the oil production so low that it brings the world to a halt, but that would put the OPEC countries in the cross-hairs of a lot of countries in the world for purposely dropping production and slowing the world dramatically, if not stopping it. That can start wars.

But I think it’s great when prices go high, and I would like to see them much higher in America. Why, because it makes us think. It wakes us up to how we are so dependant on oil, and it makes us reconsider our lifestyles and consumption on a very large scale. Sure it hurts, it hurts us all. But hurt and pain can result in change.

I have stated in other posts that OPEC giving relief right now would be good, considering how the economy is. But as the economy improves a bit, if it does, then I would love nothing more that to see oil skyrocket, even past the watermarks per barrel Chris has provided in his presentations.

Here are the reasons-

1) Forces to look at alternative sources of energy, and accelerates the technology at a much faster pace then before

2) Forces us not to be so wasteful worldwide

3) Forces us to reconsider manufacturing processes dependant on oil

4) Forces military spending in America to dramatically slow down because the most spent is on oil and military presence around the world

5) Forces us to rethink basically illegal invasions into other countries for no reason as the military is forced to become much more economical

6) Saves lives, with less people driving

7) Saves lives, with wars that cannot be supported because of lack of substantial oil for the military, so soldiers and innocent people in very large numbers stop getting slaughtered

8) Saves the environment. We may not be able to reduce the global environment, but we sure can slow it down dramatically, buying us time for research and technology to develop, further correcting the world environmental issues 

9) Makes the world healthier. Riding bikes or walking to the store 8 blocks away instead of driving your Hummer with 1 person in it to go buy a Slurpee

10) Forces us to consume less, resulting in less dependence of oil

11) Forces us to reduce or ecological footprint, covering massive waste issues such as landfills and dangerous technology (computer waste, cell phone waste) that is not easily disposable

12) Slows down the peak oil problem, once again buying us time to develop newer and more realistic, affordable and higher performance types of energy


Note- I love how OPEC is referred to a Cartel- I know the definition of Cartel, but it reminds me of the term "drug cartel" and to me, OPEC is no different than a large kingpin drug dealer, selling the biggest drug of all, oil.


Any other ideas, feel free to contribute





  • Tue, Oct 28, 2008 - 01:01am


    Ray Hewitt

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    Re: The Benifits of High Oil

If we ever see $200 a barrel oil, it’ll bring the world economy to a standstill. Be careful what you with for.

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    Re: The Benifits of High Oil

OK I will be careful and try not to wish for it.





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