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The 99% just lost their internet

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  • Wed, Jan 15, 2014 - 06:07am



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    The 99% just lost their internet

This week an appeals court declared that money can control internet access.   See for example:

We will no longer have equal access to the internet but instead lawyers/business marketers representing Elite interests will buy/shape internet access points and information flow.

This is analogous to what has happened a few years ago when the Supreme Court determined that unlimited money can be (often secretly) used to control our elections by buying most of the communications.  Going forward, internet access points as well as message conduits will be more strictly controlled by money.   In the future, if you have trouble loading a website (or cant get at all) the reason may not be technical but may be due to contractual obligations carved by an elite such as a foreign lobby group, Hunt Brothers,  JP Morgan etc.  Under the new American law, he who has the gold, makes the internet access rules and directly or indirectly WILL block/control your access using their money and their determination of what you are doing (and what they will allow you to do) on their (purchased) internet. 

This coincides with a balkanization trend of the internet based in part on reaction to Snowden’s revelations of US government and complicit US company spying and selling/use of personal information (emails, browsing histories etc): Brazil for example is building its own  non-US internet conduit and China is building  its own Chinese internet that is more easily controlled by the government there. 

Some here are discussing ham radio as an alternative.  But ham radio is low bandwidth and cannot be encrypted.   However, cheap technology exists for us to build our own internets.  This is easy to do in populated areas, where we can link up by line of sight radio signals.   We need to build out private information libraries and communication nodes where ideas are free to flow without deliberate hindrance by strategic marketers and banksters who control information based on how that information can be used to enrich them.  The hardware is cheap and fun to work with.  Let’s get started!   I would like to contact anyone wanting to get (or already) involved in this subject.

Best wishes

Mots  (ham radio: AK4VO)


Excerpt  from the referenced article:

“large internet service providers could charge certain companies extra for delivering their content to subscribers, and give preference to the content coming from those who are willing pay them a fee, or have cut some other kind of deal. In effect, the democratized nature of the internet would be replaced by a feudal system in which the ability to reach a consumer would be auctioned off to the highest bidder.”

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    If the MSM are loosing credibility….

What if "they" have to co-op the internet because MSM has become nothing but a source of entertainment.  I mention this only because one of my very mainstream family members canceled the cable subscription in order to live within a shrinking income (days off w/o pay, less healthcare bennies, etc).  In other words, who needs TV since it is becoming irrelevant?

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