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Thanks to our citizen journalists

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  • Sun, Dec 24, 2017 - 01:17pm


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    Thanks to our citizen journalists

I am posting today, on Christmas Eve, in thanks to those intrepid, idealistic, and passionate folks who act as citizen (video) journalists in a time when truth is so hard to come by.  While I am not saying that every word that comes out of each of their mouths is truth.. I am saying that they, like you and me, want to know what the truth is.  They have all realized that we live in a sea of purposeful untruth.. of propaganda.. and they are not going to take it anymore.  In some cases, like that of George Webb.. they system has thrown every harassment possible at them short of assassination, and still they soldier on.  As Sean at SGTReport is fond of saying, you know you are, metaphorically, directly over the target when you become subject to harassment or censure (via Google demonitization or Twitter banning).       

I am going to provide brief thumbnails for each of the journalists I introduce today.  Do you own due diligence, and see who you resonate with.  If you read this post and you feel that there is another journalist that I have not mentioned who is also doing good work – please introduce us all to them.  As always, let’s learn from each other.  

1)  Steve Motley, retired Marine.  Among the alt. news Youtube universe, I deem Steve as the most lovable.  He exudes love for others.  He is simply a magnetic source in his idealism, his positivism, and his openmindedness.  Although he might sound like an adherent to a more standard Christian doctrine.. and I am not saying there’s anything wrong with that.. he is very much a spiritual truth seeker on top of his efforts to know the truth behind our devolving systems of government.  Thanks to his many years of service as Marine officer, he has friends, and sources of information, in high places. 

2)  Dr. Dave Janda, retired ortho surgeon.  Dr. Dave is a friend to;

I am not sure though that most folks know how deep down the rabbit hole he goes.  Dave has first person experience with the workings of the swamp.  Please, please listen to this interview with Dave by Greg Hunter (another wonderful idealist truther) starting at the 35.00 mark.         


3)  Common Sense Avenger.  I don’t know who this guy is.. but I feel real affection for him.  His passion for truth is evident.. and he puts the pieces together as well as anyone;


4)  George Webb.  George Webb may be a bit of a narcissist, but he is more personally invested into the search for truth than anyone I have seen to date.  He is putting himself directly into harms way, as long as the corrupt deep state cabal remains in power.  Just a few days ago he was once again harassed by the JTTF at his hotel.  He does boots on the ground journalism.  He is relentless and he documents his work in many small, easily digestible video bites (bytes?) throughout each day.  He is trying to use what’s left of our legal system for good…  

5)  John Titus.  John is a lawyer turned citizen journalist.  He has proven beyond doubt that rule of law has broken down in the US.  Below is a Dec. 10 audio interview between Dr. Dave Janda and John Titus.


6)  Tracy Beanz.  Tracy is a regular person.. a truth seeking activist.  She has stuck up a close relationship with the folks who run 8 Chan and is one of the authorities on the posts of Q Anon.    

Please add to the list!  Happy Holiday’s to all of my brothers and sisters in the Peak Prosperity community.  





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