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I beleive there is a problem with placing comments on this site.
That said, your course so far has been EXCELLENT and should be made a part of 12th grade education and a prerequisite to Econ 101 in colleges.

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    Downloadable Crash Course version?

Hello Chris. Thanks again for such fine package of key concepts and all those cleverly related ideas. I have learnt more about economy, the environment and energy in this three hours that I did in the entire 1 year Ecological Design Graduate Course.
Would you consider the possibilities of providing this course in some downloadable file format?

It would make it easier to further review and consult offline for many of us who have no access to fast broadband connection.

You may reach me at reinaldo.martinez at for a reply.

Thanks, and my best wishes for you in the coming gloomy future. We certainly need more sharp minds to jolt our numbed society.

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    Chapter 18

Wow – that was fantastic ! This is the most amazing set of videos I have ever watched, not to mention the most important.I’ve been telling everyone I know about them as they are the best explanation of the real issues we are facing today.
Thanks for making them – I really think they will make a difference because of how clearly they explain these complex ideas and the connections between them.

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