Thank you Chris and others

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  • Thu, Mar 26, 2020 - 05:10pm



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    Thank you Chris and others

Because of the information posted on this website, I purchased enough N95 masks for ten members of my family way back in January, weeks before the prices exploded and the masks became scarce. I also purchased hand sanitizer and elderberry syrup in sufficient quantities at pre-virus prices.  This morning I was shopping at Safeway during senior hour, and only one out of fifteen shoppers was wearing a mask, and of those, most were surgical masks. Besides myself, only two others were wearing rubber gloves.

When I began buying my supplies in January, my wife said that I was overreacting and wasting money. Today, when we shop she wears her N95 mask and after shopping, immediately uses the hand sanitizer  I keep in the car. She is pleased that I have masks and sanitizer for her two adult daughters, who had none.

I also use silver dihydrogen citrate on my face and hands with the hope that the silver molecules will destroy any virus that comes in contact with my skin.

Thank you again, Chris. Your predictions and advice have been right on, and I am grateful.

  • Thu, Mar 26, 2020 - 07:06pm

    Sandy Beach

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    Reply To: Thank you Chris and others

Yes! Thank you so much for the important information provided by Chris, Adam and the PP community. I was able to prepare some for my adult children and their families in important ways. They are all now fully on board and able to grasp the systemic nature of this crisis. I will always be grateful for the heads up I received!

My sisters and elderly mom also listened and have done what they can. Truly, life saving work you have done, Chris and team!

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