TEDx talk by homeschooler Logan LaPlante

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  • Sun, Feb 17, 2013 - 05:01am


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    TEDx talk by homeschooler Logan LaPlante

If you haven't seen this ten-minute video yet, I highly recommend it — particularly if you have skepticism or second thoughts about homeschooling:  Hackschooling.  I'd love to hear your thoughts once you've seen it. 

My kids don't ski and (oddly enough)( I don't remember ever using the word "hack" with the kids as anything but a synonym for the word "chop" (well, okay, also when they asked me to explain what the movie Wargames was all about) but I share the philosophies that health and happiness should be the first priority in education and that creativity is essential in fulfilling that priority. Those of you here who have met my kids will surely agree that this kind of approach to education can have respectable results.

We have effectively unschooled all along.  One of my favorite books on the topic is Teach Your Own by John Holt.  People ask me if I use curriculum with the kids (and the local-minded folks even ask if I use Oak Meadow, which happens to have their headquarters within walking distance of my house.)  It always ties my tongue up for a minute — how to explain to someone in a casual conversation what it's like to "homeschool" in a way that doesn't resemble school in any way, shape, or form.  (Okay, we do use pencils sometimes, and we have a wall-mounted sharpener, and my kids sometimes participate in activities we call "classes" for lack of an easier term, but this is not even an approximation of school — it is a completely different mindset and approach to fostering personal growth and learning in all members of our family.)

What are your thoughts?

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