Tech industry folks wanted for media interview

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  • Tue, Nov 20, 2012 - 09:25pm


    Adam Taggart

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    Tech industry folks wanted for media interview

A notable media company is interested in how the resiliency-building movement overlaps with the tech scene. Basically, if you're into sites like and you work in high tech (Silicon Valley, Sillicon Alley, etc), they'd like to talk with you.

I'll be  directing them to ~5 folks to contact. If you're interested in being one of them, email me

Here's the general focus of the theme I'm discussing with them:


There is an emerging group of economic thinkers/forecasters that has emerged with the rise of the Internet. Many of these new voices come from data-driven backgrounds (primarily the sciences & engineering) and have applied their empirical skills to the study of economics – in many cases yielding insights and forecasts that are proving much more accurate than our mainstream academically-trained 'expert' economists.
These new thinkers are using the web as a platform to democratize economics: making the once arcane subject reachable and relevant to the common man. After decades of abdicating financial and monetary decision-making to the 'experts' operating behind closed doors in the halls of Wall Street and Capitol Hill, the regular citizen is now able to understand what is happening and develop an informed perspective. 
A more economically informed and engaged citizenry is able to make more prudent decisions about what actions should be taken today to position themselves for tomorrow's most likely outcomes. These actions begin at the individual level – though increasingly, the Web is giving the populace a platform and a voice to begin influencing decision-making by our elected leaders. (who, looking at almost any economic data point, haven not been doing a terrific job of late)

Today, a large part of the populace is confused and anxious about the future. Why has this recession been so deep and lasted so long? Is this the first generation that will have a lower standard of living than its predecessor? When will the jobs come back? Will they come back at all? Why have the banks been bailed out while the average American is hurting so much? Why are our national deficit and debt so out of control? People are craving answers and the ability to have some degree of control over these risks to their future…
Sites like Peak Prosperity and its Crash Course video series begin by helping people gain an understanding of the macro factors at play. We've observed that this alone provides tremendous relief – while many of the facts may be stark, people gain great release at simply being able to name the nature of the challenges they face.
Readers quickly then ask "So, what can I do?". There is a huge demand for solutions – mostly, initially, at the individual level. People are looking for prudent steps they can take today to minimize their vulnerability to the macro risks, and even be in a position to thrive as they play out
The 'magic' here is that the Web is providing a growing and living repository of case studies and success stories of how individuals are learning to build more resilient lives. People are sharing ideas, expertise and first-hand progress on preserving wealth, reducing their vulnerability to rising energy and food costs, and building community to better weather whatever the future may bring.


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I have been in the tech industry for 31 years – 20 years in management.


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