Sweden: Major Cleanup Needed

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  • Mon, Oct 26, 2020 - 02:58pm



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    Sweden: Major Cleanup Needed

This comes from our FB page. Rush translation. A bit of an inkling what we’re up against. More after the quote.

Yes, what can one say. Sweden in a nutshell, when the National Board of Health and Welfare, which is responsible for PPE – face masks, gloves, and aprons – ordered that hundreds of tonnes of PPE be burned up, in the middle of the pandemic, and at the same time that elderly care suffered shortages to the extent that they used COFFEE FILTERS as face masks and overhead projector foils as visors.

When asked about this, the National Board of Health and Welfare cooly explained that the PPE did not really live up to today’s standards, but in a crisis I am absolutely sure it was a lot safer than coffee filters and projector foils!

A major cleanup is needed in Sweden’s government. The pandemic clearly shows that we can not trust our agencies. This is extremely serious. May heads roll if and when this crisis is over.

The media in Sweden just discovered (rediscovered) that a lot of PPE got incinerated when the pandemic was already underway. Yes, their explanation was that it was old and not ‘up to standards’.

But they had no new PPE either. And yet they went ahead anyway.

Yes, coffee filters and projector foils. But also something far worse. They deliberately downplayed the dangers. They told people working in the nursing homes that they didn’t need PPE anyway. Several thousand (4000-5000) elderly perished as a result.

One must agree with the author that a major cleanup is needed. This is the ‘blockhead’ thinking found so often in state agencies. But the issue goes all the way to the top.

Swedes have a PM who has been advised to keep low profile. The reason is that he’s a klutz who keeps screwing up. His party don’t want to risk losing the 2022 elections. So an agency (FHM) is left in charge. Other countries would yank control and instill some semblance of organisation but the ruling coalition won’t risk it. And so several thousand elderly perish as a result.

One’s reminded of what Chris said about leaders and managers. Seems Sweden has an overabundance of the latter and precious few of the former.

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