Sweden: Inspectorate Report

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    Sweden: Inspectorate Report

Sweden’s Health and Social Care Inspectorate, IVO, released their report yesterday on the carnage this past spring.


Of course this is only part of the total picture. The other two parts are the incompetent virologists and an incompetent social ministry who act like Jim Henson and Frank Oz rejects.

Here is the portal to their report.


Their presser is online.


This is chilling. Should scare everyone to the bone. The offhanded way they regard the outright slaughter of 5,557 individuals cannot but provoke accusations of homicide.

Eva Burman, editor-in-chief of K-Kuriren, says she was physically sick.



– 20% of the elderly never received care from a physician.

– 40% didn’t even get care from even a nurse.

– Decisions on ‘euthanasia’ were in practice made by non-medical staff.

– Only 6% received clinical care.

From IVO’s decision in brief.

* Elderly in nursing homes did not receive care based on individual needs.

* Elderly in nursing homes and their relatives did not receive information and were not involved in care and treatment.

* Decisions on and implementation of ‘palliative’ care were not made in accordance with current regulations.

* It is not possible to follow the care of the elderly in nursing homes due to deficiencies in patient records.

It’s going to be hard to beat Sweden when it comes to sheer incompetence.

No one expected human behaviour to be perfect in this crisis but few if any foresaw anything like this.

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