Sweden: From Anders to Johan

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    Sweden: From Anders to Johan

This letter is being spread about Swedish social media. Any email reproduction can be a forgery. There are no SMTP headers provided. Nothing. But still if this is authentic, it’s scary. Tegnell is the head of the PHA, Giesecke is the one who appointed him, and they don’t see to be able to buy a clue.

From: Anders Tegnell
Date: Thu 19 March 2020 07:21
To: Johan Giesecke
Cc: Lisa Brouwers
Subject: Re: Would you like to work here?

But surely things have to work like that, so that, when immunity increases, the ability to spread decreases, in other words, the R0 drops. It can’t be that, when we achieve herd immunity, everything just stops?

Can you make a model of how the spread of infection stops? Can you illustrate it?

Anders Tegnell

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    clue-free non-evidence

Modern email today has cryptographic checksummed digital signatures embedded in the SMTP header which can prove the authenticity of the message – that it actually came from this server, with this content, rather than something fabricated by someone else.  Not to mention the fact that SMTP requires actual email addresses, not names, to deliver messages.  And sadly, there is no Swedish version of SMTP.  Keywords are in English.



Your “evidence”?  Anyone could type those lines in.  You.  Me.  Political or national enemies of the target.  This is clue-free evidence of nothing.  For example, here’s something going around social media in the US – no SMTP headers on this one either:

From: nyhetersverige
To: [email protected]
Subject: Sweden payback

Dear Mr Wang Yi,

I am delighted to accept the job.  I’m available to start tomorrow.  How frequently would you like me to post?


Heter Sverige

If this is authentic, it sure explains a lot.

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    Sweden: From Anders to Johan

Touché, Dave!




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