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Suggestions for me?

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    Suggestions for me?

Hi everyone,

Having discovered the crash course a short time ago I’ve been considering what to do. My first action has been to get out of US dollars, first by using them to pay my operating expenses and next by turning them into physical gold (probably at

I have no stock investments, no house, and no land. My money, other than US dollars, is held in British pounds (so not so good!) For what it is worth I’ll be spreading out from HSBC, where I currently hold money, to other banks so that I don’t lose cash about the 50,000 pounds which is guaranteed by the UK government.

I have a business where I live here in Bangladesh making high quality hand painted toy soldiers. My main markets are UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Again there are some problems coming up with those countries! Right now business has not dropped off at all.I’m still making money and could make a lot more next year.

I have an idea for a potentially cash rich telecoms business. Until now my idea of where to target customers for the business has been the UK and USA. I could also  for either a European market or South America. I think the UK and USA will be a tough market going forward even if their currencies don’t collapse. So I’m thinking of going to my alternative markets (Europe and South America.) I’m not sure it is sensible to go forward with new investments at this time at all.

I believe that the US dollar, and the British pound, should go to zero
value right now and be wiped out as currencies. I think that this may
not actually happen for yearsdue to government manipulation and lack of
knowledge on the part of the population. But I’m not betting on it.

If the pound and dollar collapse I don’t know how I could continue with either my present business (exporting to the UK, USA etc. from here in Bangladesh) Barter won’t be much good! So should I urgently try to collect customers in China, Japan? (suggestions for countries please!)

I know I’m rambling. I would appreciate your thoughts.

Merry Christmas,






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