subversion of democracy

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  • Fri, Aug 14, 2020 - 12:47pm



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    subversion of democracy

Postal Service warns 46 states their voters could be disenfranchised by delayed mail-in ballots

DeJoy, in service changes last month, has drastically reduced overtime and banned extra trips to ensure on-time mail delivery. His wholesale reorganizations ousted several agency veterans in key operational roles. And the USPS is currently decommissioning 10 percent of its costly and bulky mail-sorting machines, which workers say could hinder processing of election mail.

Lets sabotage USPS and then call mail in voting does not work.

  • Fri, Aug 14, 2020 - 07:20pm

    Mohammed Mast

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    subversion of democracy

First this is not a democracy . It never was and never will be.

Second so called voters have never been “enfranchised” . As Loe Stalin is reputed to have said “It matters not who votes it only matters who counts the votes.

It is ludicrous to think anyone has lost something they never had, ie. a voice in policy in this country. Politicians say whatever they need to to get elected. Then they do what the people who really put them there tell them to do.

It is a great mythology that Amerika is some kind of participatory democracy. It is all an illusion to keep you anesthetized so you won’t look behind the curtain.

Does anybody really think your vote counts as much as Larry Page? or Bill Gates? You got a dollar in your pocket you got one vote. You got a billion in your pocket you got a billion votes.

People got their panties in a wad about Russian interference in the last election. Nobody pays any attention to Israeli interference. And certainly nobody is too upset at Silicon Valley because they don’t even know about it.

Kamala is the darling of the media now but she has been the darling of Silicon Valley for years.

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