Studies illustrating risk of vaxxed superspreaders?

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    Studies illustrating risk of vaxxed superspreaders?

My spiritual community (yes, this is a deliberately opaque– no need to be more specific)  is wrestling with whether or not to require vaccinations to attend services.

I understand the motivation (to keep people safe, and there a lot of older people in the community).  But people by and large don’t get their information from anything but MSM. It is major cognitive dissonance to admit that the large majority of vaxxed members may be the greater of spreading Covid-19.

I can only recall one specific study documenting much higher viral loads among Vietnamese healhcare workers who had been vaxxed. I hope there are others.  I am trying hard to keep this just on the level of facts and science, no ad hominem attacks.  Would appreciate links to other studies so I can begin to chip away at the party-line story about vaxxed=safe.  Thank you.

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    Studies illustrating risk of vaxxed superspreaders?

See Karen Kingston in She doest pull any punches and always sites her remarks. I too have similar issues in my life. My local parishes are all vaxx’d up. Not only have they completely bought into the narrative, but are very old and afraid to die. My local parishes at best are retirement homes and at worst in hospice care, which by definition is imminent for death, both as people and as a church.

I would suggest discussions on the 99%+ survival rate for those who do get CV, but if they are really up in age they already are the characteristics of the higher death rates for this virus – so probably won’t mean anything. I’m entering my late 50’s, so it’s not as though I speak as though there’s nothing to be concerned about.

I’m sad to say that churches who are all vaxx’d up have painted themselves in a corner: to afraid to not vaxx up and now set up for probable early death. Some of these folks might have had 5, 10, 15’years. But, they’ll take the church with them because the more we learn the more younger folks will definitely not come to church if the vaxx’d are now dangerous.

Is it right to make the vaxx the first “sacrament” (don’t know your faith)?  To exclude certain people from God unless they first harm themselves? Where is the faith. I think we’ve become people of little faith under the excuse of protecting others.  From the 10  Commandments we are not required to harm ourselves or commit suicide.  A body of faith needs to really think hard about these things.

There’s another consideration. St Paul wrote, “what’s so compelling about our attachment to this world, when the time comes to be with Jesus forever”.  No one desires to die, but if we live in Christ and die in Christ, then we can die in a state of grace.  Christ opened the door of paradise.   Again, don’t know your faith.  We’ve been living in a wonderful time as humans, but we’ve put all of our faith in man, what man can do, and the things of this world, which are all passing away. In essence, we’ve gods of ourselves and technological progress. In short, we’ve broken the 1st Commandment.  Your congregation needs to step back and rethink the basics of your beliefs.

Nisi Dominus – Psalm 127

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