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Still living/preparing/securing yourself in the USA after passing of NDAA

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  • Thu, Jan 19, 2012 - 11:34pm



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    Still living/preparing/securing yourself in the USA after passing of NDAA

Hello everyone,

If this is already posed somewhere else please let me know. I did not see it in my quick scan of the topics.

I have been making plans to create a “safe haven” or “homestead” for my family that will be completely self sufficient and off the grid as possible. But with the passing of this NDAA bill I am afraid to do that here in the US. I am just wondering other people’s thoughts on this topic.

As of now I am still making plans and saving what I need to purchase the land I want. I am also closely watching the presidential campaign and hoping that some of my worries can be put to rest. But if not I am considering a move out of the US. I was considering Canada in the top of my list just because I still want to be close to my family. (As opposed to moving to somewhere like Europe).

So all thoughts and opinions are welcome.

Thank you in advance!


  • Sat, Jan 21, 2012 - 11:28pm

    William Palko-Schraa

    William Palko-Schraa

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 I for one, despite a good current income, can’t easily see myself leaving the good old USA.  I couldn’t afford in either monitarily or in terms of disruption in my local network of support.

Think about what Obama’s audacity (of power grabbing) and Congress’s complacency is about.  It is about keeping and putting the government in charge of everything that’s worth having when the financial system collapses.  He has side stepped the constitution to abrogate an individuals rights (indefinite detention or death without trial if you are deemed a threat to the system).  There are going to be several funnels that would sweep you into conflict with those enforcing martial law.  These include but are not limited to: A) being at the wrong place and time when a sweep is conducted of protestors or rioters, B) getting yourself listed as a “person of interest” by being involved with militias or groups advocating violent resistance to massive federalized power.  C) getting yourself crosswise to regional and local officials who will become the eyes and ears of Federal enforcers and federal loyalists.  

Community self sufficiency programs will likely be welcomed even under such a scenario.  Just in case, read “the Gulag Archipeligo”.

For now write your senators and representatives about the NDAA power grab.  Educate yourself about the long evolving program and structure of the “Continuation of Government” program.  GIve Ron Paul some money.  Whether or not he is “electable” we need to have him continue to bring these kind of issues to the press and public as loudly and as long as we can.

  • Wed, Feb 01, 2012 - 10:32pm

    agitating prop

    agitating prop

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    Where to run, where to hide

I have been living in the Caribbean since October–will be back in Canada in April.  My husband and I met a very cultivated Turkish born Parisian in the French Antilles, a couple of days ago. We had a very interesting conversation about the future of the U.S., Europe, etc…He stated flatly that, “well you know  the U.S. is now under Marshall law”  I assumed he was referring to NDAA. This law doesn’t bode well for the U.S. and it’s citizens. The new piece of legislation also dovetails with the global ‘Occupy’ movement, in more than a coincidental way.

Since 911 more and more security measures have been put in place to ‘keep Americans safe’.  I always just assumed, the war on terror was a thinly veiled pretext designed to control civil insurrection and fury against pols, large corporations, and bankers within the country, by a furious middle-class.

The Parisian continued, telling us that he figured the end game was one world govt and monetary system. If that’s the case, all ofWestern Europe is going to have equally police type states, as well as Canada, NZ and Australia. There will be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. You would have to actually pick a country violently hostile to the U.S. like Venezuela or Russia, to flee to. Once you arrived, in a world turned upside down, you could very easily be taken for a spy. This happened to many supporters of Napoleon from Britain in the revolutionary wars.

Places to bug out to? I don’t know. I still think your best bet is to hunker down at home, near friends and family. Keep a low profile, give to others and help others as much as you possibly can. Chris Martenson has the right idea. I used to think that fleeing to places like Argentina held promise, but no more. They are poised to become major clusterf***s too.









  • Thu, Feb 02, 2012 - 01:00am



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    Interesting agitating prop;

Interesting agitating prop; thanks for sharing!

  • Thu, Feb 02, 2012 - 11:42am



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    the monster comes up out of the basement

agitating prop wrote:

The Parisian continued, telling us that he figured the end game was one world govt and monetary system.  

This statement would normally be tucked away down in the basement with the other CTs.  But anyone who has really studied the issue knows this is part of the end game.  Thanks from bringing it out of the closet … er, basement.

In fact, this issue is the subtext that underlies the 3Es and is the far more compelling danger driving the 3Es.

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