Sticky Work Around and request for help

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  • Wed, Sep 15, 2021 - 03:26pm



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    Sticky Work Around and request for help

To get to the sticky area: Go to > Discuss > DVD Project & Sales Reporting or

I came up with an idea of how we can keep important information in an easily accessible location so that we can find it easily. There are a number of rarely used forum topics. I picked one that hadn’t had an update in 13 years so I think it is safe to say it is not currently used. The forum group is

I have created two sticky threads there: Sticky: Covid Prophylactic and Terrain Building and Sticky: What to take at first signs of Covid but I am sure that there are more things that are necessary.

The help I need is that I just put the FLCCC information in the First Signs thread, and nothing in the Prophylactic section. So if you could help me have a full list in those two places.

I ask if you add your own sticky make sure it is something that most people will need. I was thinking that if we wanted to create a source paper area we could do that in another unused forum. Maybe we could ask the admin to rename the forums and maybe lock them if there is a lot of cluttering.

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