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Steve Keen – Lies, Dam lies and Housing Statistics

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    Steve Keen – Lies, Dam lies and Housing Statistics

Steve Keen’s Debt­watch No. 33 April 2009: Lies, Damned Lies, and Hous­ing Sta­tis­tics

Since governments lately like to bend the statistics to bolster their failing economic strategies, I thought I’d throw in Steve Keen’s latest analysis of the so called housing shortage in Australia.

Some creative graphing and only using selective snippets of trends that bolster what they want to say, Steve Keen takes aim and tests the statements made by the RBA and finds that on a number of scores they come up short.

Lies, Dam lies and Housing statistics drives the point home yet again that governments the world over are doing anything to hold up their dying economies in a vain attempt to keep the bubbles going.

Even kids know when it’s time to stop chasing a bubble that’s clearly gone/popped – perhaps our politicans could learn a thing or two from them?

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    Re: Steve Keen – Lies, Dam lies and Housing Statistics

This one is quite clever.

Someone on Steve Keen’s site has posted a utube video of Australian house prices over time in RCT3 (Roller Coster Tycoon 3).

Perhaps someone wants to do the same with the Crash Course inflation graphs too?

I think it’s quite an excellent way to let people ‘experience’ just what those hocky stick graphs are really like!

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