Stay put or move?

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  • Sun, Dec 14, 2008 - 10:28pm



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    Re: Stay put or move?

Thailands neighbours are indeed more poor and they have less advanced food production. Vietnam will be ok i think as is Laos. The problem can be expected from Cambodia and/or Myanmar. Although the last one is pretty isolated from the rest of the world.

Malasia will be ok too, Singapore will have a big problem when it comes to food. They import just about everything.

I don’t expect a total collapse in this region even not in Europe. The US will be hit hardest i am afraid.

Moving to another country is not that easy. First of course the visa situation, housing and work. I am fortunate too have lived in a few countries and so far Thailand seems the best suited to ‘sit out’ a depression. If you are older than 50 a visa for Thailand is rather easy as you can get an retirement visa. Only have to deposit 800.000 baht in a bank account. Not too much money and that will cover a years expenses easily while even having a buffer.

I have childen with dual nationality making a visa quit easy. I can give more detailed information about Thailand if someone is considering moving to another country.

The reason for me to go to The Netherlands was to get a better education for my children. How fast things can change….


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    Re: Stay put or move?

New to the site. Interesting posts on this tread. I am finding it difficult to imagine moving to another country where, in hard times, we Americans will probably not be well recieved. Yes, when we visit today we are welcomed and our money is taken but under hardship all strangers will be seen with suspicion and probably targeted. It is little different in our oun country when we move to new commnities. Add hardship and the new arrival to Wisconsin from New Mexico will not be welcomed with open arms particularily if commodities are hard to come by. I believe this is almost human nature. It probably is about trust.

I suspect if you are presently in a comfortable situation in a small rural community, sitting tight is the better choice. Grow your community socially and spiritually. Become involved in developing inventories of skills and resources. Scale back and become self sufficient with a mind for your neighbor.

If you live in a large city, which I don’t, again develop a tighter community. I’d split personally in that I think stress problems of all sorts will be eccentuated there.

It might be wise to encourage the anti social to move to undesirable areas. Whatever one intends on doing, do it soon as movement may be restricted in the future.

 "All the way to heaven, is Heaven"

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    Re: I wish I had your choices…

It’s perhaps not so much where you are as how near to hungry people you are likely to be. Even in a kiwi city of 50k where they are all store fed it doesn’t feel too safe given the future we seem to be increasingly expecting. 


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