State legislation and covid vaccines

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    State legislation and covid vaccines

List of states that have current bills in that are covid related. Some states are trying to remove individual rights like vaccine exemptions and employment rights, the rest look like they are trying to stop mandates, allow exemptions, protect employees, etc.

I plan on writing to the representatives in my state. Those that are supporting no mandates will hopefully oppose the vaccine passports. Same for opposing the state health dept having control to set mandates.

Take note of the representatives supporting the mandates when it comes time to vote.






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    State legislation and covid vaccines

Some states want minors to be able to get vaccinated without parent approval or even awareness. Extremely important to understand if you were recently vaccinated and develop a bleeding/clotting disorder that heparin not be used because it could kill you if the problem is a certain underlying vaccine reaction. If parents don’t know their children were vaccinated something like this might happen.

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    State legislation and covid vaccines

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