Spending Tax Day on Earth Day

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  • Mon, Apr 22, 2013 - 12:48pm


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    Spending Tax Day on Earth Day

(This post is for Americans, with apologies to those of our community who live outside of the USA.)

How'd you all do on April 15, Tax Day?  No one likes to pay income taxes, or even do their taxes. You might be out some cash to the only agency that blatantly treats you as "guilty until proven innocent," or you might get some of your hard-earned money back. Let's put the time between Tax Day and Earth Day into using our heads about it.

If you got a refund, how big is it? If it was a large, it basically meant you lent the Federal government the money interest-free for a year. That was money that could have gone into a new or upgraded solar system, a well, or other supplies. Unless you're self-employed you can meet with the person in Human Resouces and fiddle with your W-4 to tinker with your employee withholding so that you pretty much break even on tax day next year.

If you do get a refund, that's not an excuse to go out and buy a large-screen TV. It means you can pay off debt (crises like in Cyprus or Argentina's wipe out savings but not debt), or if your debt is paid you can restock your pantry or do what we did last year and set asaide a year's worth of over-the-counter medicatoins and first aid supplies. This year we plan to buy a couple of fruit trees with our refund and plant them on Earth Day. We will celbrate our growing food independence.

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