Sometimes Lightning Strikes

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    Sometimes Lightning Strikes

This happened a few years back and really shook up the area. Location had a nice reputation as safe middle-class suburban neighborhood. Bottom line…things can go sideways fast no matter where and for simply no reason at all.

Home invaders who dragged screaming teen from his bed and ‘tortured him in attempted ‘thrill kill’ did it for pleasure’ (

“Two men have been accused of breaking into a Washington home last month looking to torture strangers for a ‘thrill kill’ but their target escaped before dying.

Vincent Sisounong, 21, and Blessing Gainey, 19, broke into a Kirkland home Oct 12, pulled a teenager from his bed and methodically stabbed and sliced his writhing body while trying to slowly bleed him to death – at one point even trying to hack one of his legs off, officials said.

Though Mr Sisounong’s mother told MailOnline she does not believe he committed the horrific attack, the troubled man’s brother told a local television station he believes the 21-year-old was involved.

Prosecutors told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer the 18-year-old victim suffered ‘bone-deep cuts to his legs, shoulder and head and was losing large amounts of blood’ by the time paramedics arrived.

Charging papers detailed by the Post-Intelligencer contend the two men broke into the house just before 6am with plans to kill.

‘They broke into the home of complete strangers with the intent to kill,’ said the papers.

The son of Laotian immigrants, Mr Sisounong told detectives that he wanted the victim to ‘fight for his life’ and acknowledged the torture was enjoyable.

Sound asleep in his bedroom, the unidentified victim was dragged from his bed a knife-point with threats made against his sister and parents if he failed to go along with the plan, said the papers.

The doomed teen was moved to the family’s garage, where the two sickos first tried to chop off his leg, detectives said.

Quickly losing blood, he somehow broke free and set off a car alarm in the garage – but was ordered to his knees as Mr Sisounong hacked at his shoulder and face – before escaping back into the house and cowering inside a bathroom.”

Teen haunted by torture to face attackers in court (USA Today)

“KIRKLAND, Wash. — A teenager faces his attackers Friday when they are sentenced in a King County courtroom for torturing him in his parents’ home.

Deep Rawat was 18 on Oct. 12, 2013, when two men broke into his parents’ basement here. Police say they were looking for thrills from random violence.

“They wanted to kill,” Rawat said. “That’s it.””

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