solar generators

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    solar generators

Hi all. I have some questions about solar generators and am hoping someone can help me, or at least head me in the right direction smiley.


I would like to soend my tax refund on a solar generator. I do not have a lot of money, so need to make the best purchase possible. In order of priority, I would like to run the following off it: water pump, refrigerator and freezer, then any extras such as stove and lights. I do not need to have all these on all the time. I am extremely ebergy efficient already. Also, I have an apartment over a garage and would like to run the same things there.

My questions:

1. How do I tell if the generator I am looking at has enough capacity?

2. The apartment and the house are on 2 different systems. Can I tie them together on one generator?

3. How far from the house does the generator have to be for me to get the maximum benefit?

Thanks for any insights. And you know of other things I need to consider, please enlighten me laugh.

Ann Margaret

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