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    show your cosplay


Cosplay Costumes is never fail to fascinate the cosplayers. For the cosplay costume is the very important part of the cosplay which is can not to be neglected. The costume is like face of the cosplay, cosplayers are not able to be performed without the costume. That will overshadow and eclipse the performance.others send it to you. This method is needs you to have good relationship with your cosplayer friends. When they do not need it any more, you can ask them to send it to you. But there is only little chance to you to get the but it in the cosplay shops. It is a common thing in Japan. Most of their franchise houses are approved by official. Taiwan’s Kuroshitsuji Costumes shops are not approved by official, but the costumes there are much cheaper. Hongkong and the mainland of the China have only a few franchise houses. It is not easy to buy it there.
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