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Seriously: Any ideas on justice?

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  • Wed, Nov 05, 2008 - 07:17am

    James Wandler

    James Wandler

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    Re: Seriously: Any ideas on justice?


Thanks for the important correction.  Makes me wonder why Google didn’t post your link, or other disclaimer, where they host the video but obviously I should have done more research myself on the topic.  I’m still glad to have seen the remainder of Aaron Russo’s video discussing the Federal Reserve and threats to civil liberties.  I didn’t mean a disservice to Chris and the community he has created and for this I apologise.

For independent reasons from the video (ideas that originated from the books Natural Capitalism and Creating a World Without Poverty) I do believe that what you tax you get less of and what you subsidize you get too much of.  Labor is our greatest renewal resource and taxing labor discourages working while welfare encourages not working.  For similar reasons minimum wage may prevent people from taking jobs that don’t pay well but do provide room and board.  (I’ve heard of an anecdotal story of a farmer who hired a homeless man who worked happily for little more than room and board – however the farmer was confronted with the legal requirements of minimum wage – and the person was let go and became homeless again.)

Many people in the hard economic times ahead will find that the system doesn’t need their skills – but they will still possess the same skills, the potential to acquire new skills, and the ability to work just as they did the day before they were laid off.  With a great number of displaced workers there will be a painful transition to find new work.  Raising taxes on those that work and providing welfare to those that don’t would seem to be the obvious solutions – but both are actually counter productive. 

Please see my post here for my suggestion that small diversified farms may be a place where available labor can and should be applied.  However, people will need to actively seek out this solution and appreciate that minimum wage may be a barrier to a sustainable life .  I’m not sure how to get around this – to rent a portion of a farmer’s land while paying for room and board and be an entrepreneur in farming that portion of the land?

The replacement for taxes on labor?  Natural Capitalism recommends taxing externalities like pollution and eliminating subsidies for unsustainable resource extraction and unsustainable agricultural practices.

All the best,


  • Wed, Nov 05, 2008 - 10:53am



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    Re: Seriously: Any ideas on justice?

[quote=castlewp]One thing that Peter Schiff has been calling for everyone to do is no one pay their mortgage (no one). This would send a serious message that we will not take this any longer[/quote]

WOW….  and I thought I was the only extremist on the planet!  I have been advocating this too in Australia.  Not just mortgages, but credit cards as well…

When you realise that the current debts can never be repaid, what is the point in pretending that they can?

Bring on the jubilee…


  • Wed, Nov 05, 2008 - 10:57am



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    Re: Not paying taxes or mortgages

[quote=castlewp]Thanks for your post Krogoth! I know this is just spit balling but we are truly in for some serious changes <SNIP> [/quote]

Like canceling all debts…?


  • Wed, Nov 05, 2008 - 12:10pm



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    Re: Seriously: Any ideas on justice?

Let me chime in with an insiders view on this thing: (working within government)

The government at just about every level has become a huge intertwined, convoluted, distorted, and whatever other term you can think of, mis-representation of the people it is supposed to serve.  People in politics do not serve there, they work there.  Make no mistake about the difference.  Anyone, however noble in their intentions, who manages to enter the world of big government will in a very short time be educated in the ways of the system.  

Within Krogoth’s commentary is one key statement:   "… It will be business as usual …"

And that my friends is what we have to look forward to.

That said, it’s now time to quit complaining about how things are, and start taking care of what needs to be done to use this mess to our own advantages.  What? Am I advocating taking advantage of a bad situation? YES I AM!  Because if we don’t, the people who put us in this mess to begin with will take even more advantage of us.

Best of luck to the masses!


PS.  Speaking to the title of this post, the justice comes in taking the rules that the other guy wrote for himself, and using them to win the game despite the stacked deck.  I do it every day in the judicial system! 

  • Wed, Nov 05, 2008 - 03:38pm


    joe bender

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    Re: Seriously: Any ideas on justice?

the theory that you can legally not pay income tax traces to the process of ratifying the 16th ammendment.

ohio was technically not a state at the time. the way states became members of the union was somewhat loose at the time.

the correction was made after the ratification of the 16 th amendmant.

personally i would not want to get my ass in the sling of the feds slingshot on those legal grounds

  • Wed, Nov 05, 2008 - 04:01pm



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    That is why

That is why it cannot work unless it’s done on a large scale. Just the organization of this would be considered an illegal act I believe.



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