Secrecy and the bigger picture

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    Secrecy and the bigger picture

I have been thinking about cycles recently and how there are cycles within cycles. We have Seasonal cycles (4 Months), Yearly cycles (12 months), business cycles( appr. 7 years), turning cycles( appr. 40 years). I was thinking about this last one that we are in, the Fourth Turning. From what I understand it represents a distrust in government and the power structures that it creates over the population. I think that the current revelations about the NIH and finding of the WIV are an example of how this is playing out. As I look at the MSM, I see the next revelations, based on what they are now trying their best to deny, as being the issues with the vax such as reproductive issues, blood clotting and cardiovascular issues, etc. I think that these are building distrust as they are holding back the truth which will eventually come out like we are seeing now and will build on the Fourth Turning narrative of distrust in the current PTB. My question is: is this the plan? Are we being played?

As I look at the whole Fauchi thing playing out, I can’t help but think how can someone be so stupid to think that they could cover this up when there are obviously public documents that came out early in the pandemic last year as shown by Chris in April. I mean come on. It borders on the absurd. Then I think maybe that is the point. To be so obvious that even people who don’t pay attention to the news will hear about it and be so obvious. If they wanted the Fourth Turning to play out they couldn’t do a better job of it.

In looking at this play out I see a root cause and a solution. I think that the root cause is shown in Fauchi’s emails that were released. Chris mentioned that they redacted most of the juicy bits, which violated the laws on FOIA. How would you say “look here, this is what is important”? You would try to hide it. Now we have a laser focus on those bits and once they are contested in court we will definitely see what may have been missed in the first go-around. But what is the root cause here? I believe that it is secrecy itself. We live in an age of the internet and of governments reading everything that goes through it. They have “our” passwords, private keys, location and travel data, spending data, you name it and they have it. On the flipside they keep a lot of things that should be public as secrets. Things that really matter like the paper trail of how a pandemic started. Someone mentioned that if we treated airplane crashes like they are treating the pandemic we would not be willing to fly ever again. That sounds like the Fourth Turning again, not trusting the PTB ever again.

The solution I think will play out to be that we all have the same access to the information that the governments have. We will demand it. It can not stay one sided any longer. Perhaps a website could be setup that would be the front end of the database that sits in that large NSA building in Nevada. I know that sounds crazy because who would want all of their passwords available to everyone else. I think that if everything was open to everyone then no one could steal anything because it would be known immediately by everyone else. Think of it as a ledger open to everyone. Of course we would have to behave since our actions would be known immediately. We would have video and audio of crimes immediately, location data of murders, etc. I mean who would commit a crime if it would be so easy to solve who did it?

As governments discovered new technologies they would be immediately available to everyone, true open source. If they tried to cover up their actions everyone would know. We would not be waiting with baited breath right now for them to tell us about ETs. We would already know.

Throw the doors wide open!!! Let the sunshine clean out all of our issues. I think that this is where we are heading anyway, so lets get on it.

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    Secrecy and the bigger picture


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    Secrecy and the Rules

I love what you say also however it violates the Rules for rulers.

  • Thu, Jun 10, 2021 - 11:19am

    Chris Martenson

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    Re: Secrecy and the bigger picture

I really like this thinking too.

Welcome aboard Iammichael – well done – looking forward to more development of this line of thinking.

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    Jim H

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    I read your piece and this is what I heard….

“Free Assange”.

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