schwab’s school for covid dictators

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    schwab’s school for covid dictators

Exposed: Klaus Schwab’s School For Covid Dictators, Plan for ‘Great Reset’ (Videos)

there are no accidents in the universe

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    schwab’s school for covid dictators

CNN is an online and 24/7 televised school for how to be sheeple.

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    Young Global Leaders

You can search on the following site✓&q=Merkel&x=0&y=0&status=&class_year=&sector=&region=#results


– name

– status

– year awarded

– sector

– region

to find the young global leaders.

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    schwab’s school for covid dictators

as stated above “there are no accidents in the universe”

many people even here find it hard to believe that there is a plan, that the plan has been formulated for a long time and we are currently witnessing the execution of that plan at warp speed.

sheeple do what sheeple do. after all they are sheeple

I’m in the process of compiling a complete list of all Young Global Leaders (2004-present) as well as the Selection Committees and staff.

As you may know, the YGL program was actually started in 1993 as the “Global Leaders of Tomorrow“… and Bill Gates is among the first class of recipients.  These are more difficult to compile because most organizations didn’t have active website in the 1990s.

Here’s some pages you can view the previous YGL recipients (archived WEF pages):

YGL’s 2005 – 

YGL’s 2013 – (Click on “See all Young Global Leaders” on the right)

GLT’s 1999:

Almost all available data tell us that lockdowns are counterproductive.  It’s rather obvious that the lockdowns aren’t about Covid, they’re about destroying the economy of that nation.

This becomes even more evident when you realize there is a direct coorelation between the leaders of the countries with the strictest lockdowns AND the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders / Global Leaders of Tomorrow programs, which includes:

  • Germany’s Angela Merkel (GLT)
  • France’s Emmanuel Macron (YGL)
  • Australia’s PM Scott Morrison (YGL)
  • New Zealand’s PM, Jacinda Ardern (YGL)
  • Austria’s former-PM Sebastian Kurz (YGL)
  • U.S. Trans. Sec. Pete Buttigieg – who is rumored to be Kamala’s replacement as Vice President (YGL)
  • And world leaders who were NOT once YGLs/GLTs signaled their participation via the slogan “Build Back Better”

Remember, Covid is the EXCUSE they are using to implement their plans.  That’s why there is a growing disconnect between the data and the responses from government.

I found an archived page with ALL of the Global Leaders of Tomorrow (1993-2003):

Here’s a list of Young Global Leaders (you can go back or forward in date at the top of the page):


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