Russia’s Vaccine

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    Russia’s Vaccine

The website.

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    pharma, round 1

So just how much do they pay you to write this stuff?

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    Which vaccine is the “correct” one?

Russia is using a vaccine supposedly w/out Phase III trials.  The Chinese have several offerings in the works.  Due to previously existing factories that produce vaccines, could be an edge, except if they’re located in current flood zone. Thailand is in Phase III trials for their own vaccine.  The FDA gave a pass to “fast track” vaccines in the USA as well.

One question, will country A accept a vaccination certificate from country B for international travel? If not, what’s the point of being vaccinated?

I do not want a hastily thrown together vaccine with RNA virus injected into me. Saw the vaccine caused Guillain Barre paralysis cases after Fauci’s imaginary Swine Flu in ’76. If someone else chooses it, on you. If vaccines are effective as claimed, then I pose no risk to you as you are “protected.” I should be able to choose. Remember the slogan,”My body, My choice”? Wonder how that will be received about vaccines?

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    Russia’s Vaccine

😂. I think that there is not one person behind nyhetersverig. They are also active on other internet outlets.   Although imo their posts do not reflect increasing knowledge and insights, I cant blame them too much: even some people here take issue to Chris’s continues reassessment based on our ever increasing knowledge. I for one am very interested in the motivation of nyhetersverig. I have the impression that their, maybe rightfull, dislike for the person of Anders Tegnell, interferes with their ability to reassess the situation in an objective manner.

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