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Rural America: hit later, hit harder

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  • Sun, Mar 29, 2020 - 09:53am



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    Rural America: hit later, hit harder


E.g. Alaska:

“Alaska only has 1,500 general hospital beds. And even if as few as five percent of Covid-19 patients become critically ill (a conservative estimate), that’s a minimum of 14,750 people needing ICU beds. And Theobald estimates that Alaska only has around 200. If that many people get sick over the next one to three months, only one in 25 people who need intensive care will be able to get it. Even if you halved the number of Alaskans infected with Covid-19 to 20 percent, the system will still be over capacity — by thousands of people.”

“More than half of counties in America have no hospital ICU beds, posing a particular risk for the more than 7 million people over the age of 60 living in those places, who are at higher risk of severe cases of Covid-19.”

And it’s not just an issue of capacity: “Overall, rural communities “tend to be older, with more chronic illness,” he adds, making people more at risk of severe disease. This includes millions of Americans with heart disease, diabetes, and asthma — all risk factors for the novel coronavirus.”

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    Reply To: Rural America: hit later, hit harder

Thanks ozzy43.  I think our Governor and Mayor are aware and bring proactive.  Fingers crossed!

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    Rural America: hit later, hit harder

Alaskans are a tough lot. Prepping is a way of life for most rural Alaskans. Every one I know has a deep pantry at all times. They are all stocked up with pilot bread, tang, moose meat, fish and berries. If they get low on food they grab their rifle or fishing pole and go shopping on their powered dog sleds or ATVs.

I know of a couple of villages right now that are not letting any people in or out. Only planes with cargo, no passengers.

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