Respiratory Therapist Whistleblower

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    Respiratory Therapist Whistleblower

This whistleblower respiratory therapist calls what is going on “Menticide”  ….the killing of people with ventilators. He had to resign due to his convictions. Gives an example of the patient that he was ordered to intubate, who subsequently died. Very articulate ….a window into the nightmare rooms of intubation.     vnnp0z-respiratory-therapist-blows-whistle-im-watching-people-die.html

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    Mike from Jersey

    Mike from Jersey

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    Respiratory Therapist Whistleblower

I have heard the same thing. Ventilation is a death sentence. I would be interested in hearing the comments of health workers.

I appreciate you posting this video.  I have a friend whose daughter-in-law is a respiratory therapist and will find this video very interesting.

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    Jim H

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    Spiritual awakening, the growing awareness that something is very wrong

I really appreciate how this respiratory therapist explains the case that, “Broke our souls”, speaking of himself and another respiratory therapist who quit after they were forced by doctors to intubate an older woman who appeared to them not to need intubation (and the additional risks that come with it).  The patient subsequently died.  They were not willing to be party to this charade any longer.  Hero.

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