Resiliency Remembered

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    Resiliency Remembered


"I’d say, as a goal in life, you could do worse than: Try to be kinder."  
George Saunders animated on Brainpickings: from 2013 Commencement Address
FORAGING for food! Fiddleheads were up when I got home Sunday (no frsh veggies in fridge & dandelion greens not up yet).  Googled "are all fiddleheads edible?"  and, of course, all are not… but the ones here are ostrich ferns and they are edible.  Been steaming them and serving w a bit of ghee and seasalt all week,,,, wow, such a delicacy.  20+ years here and we never ate them.  Paul and I forgot our roots.  36 years ago we lived in very small cottage by the Rosendale resevoir: Paul taught me yoga, I taught him to garden; we experimented w herbs, raw food, juicing, fasting…   we also hired a forager for one hour to help us identify edible plants around us.  Best money ever spent.  That and a couple field guides….  Looking forward to the day lillies coming up soon.  Lambs Quarters are another remembered favorite.  Good to know what wild plants you can eat and when…
Practices that have held me in good stead physically, mentally and emotionally over my adult life: in poverty and in relative affluence; in sickness/injury/grief and in health… All are frugal in that they require very little outlay of money and can be practiced at home.
Coherent Breathing: The New Science of Breathing
Healing Power of the Breath by Patricia Gerbarg MD and Richard Brown MD
YOGA  instruction in person to start: basic postures/alignment. Then practice at home:just need a yoga mat!
Iyengar and Hatha are trusted traditions. Ashtange Yoga will make you the strongest and most fit you've ever been. I've been using Tata Stiles' You TUbe videos and DVDs for several years: my body seems to like her flow routines as I continue to heal from a car accident. 
RUNNING  just need a pair of shoes (I'm running in Vibram Five Fingers for the past few years)
First purchase we made after we were married
Hope you and yours are well, peaceful and happy.


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