RESILIENCE SPOTLIGHT: New House, New Neighbors, New Life

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  • Tue, Jul 17, 2018 - 12:56pm


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    RESILIENCE SPOTLIGHT: New House, New Neighbors, New Life

This next contribution in our new Resilience Spotlight series, featuring stories from Peak Prosperity readers, comes from reader sebastian. He has embarked on building his own home on acreage he’s moved onto recenetly, and is designing his house and lifestyle to be as resilient as possible.

Hello Chris, Adam & Peak Prosperity folks,

My name is Sebastian.

I’m writing to you to let you know about our family’s journey, in the hopes it might inspire meaningful change for others. Your great site and its resources have inspired us — hopefully I can do the same for some of the other readers here.

First, let me provide a little background to give perspective on who we are and why we have set out on this venture.
I was born and raised in Argentina until the age of 9. At that time (1989) we immigrated to Canada where my maternal grandfather was from. My wife Nicole is Canadian-born and was raised in the same town my grandfather lived in as a child.
Fast-forward 19 years: Nicole and I are starting our own family with our lovely daughter Maya.
I found my way to this website (actually its precusor) during the 2008 financial crisis, which fortunately for us didn’t affect the Canadian housing market (I’m a tradesman). 
Now I can’t exactly remember how I first found your website, but I believe I was researching peak oil. I have frequented the site almost daily since. And I continue to inform myself on the subjects the Crash Course discusses. 
I’ve done my research in a varied way so as to get a number of different opinions on what to do about our global/personal predicaments.  
After many years of educating ourselves and much discussion about what we should do, my wife and I came to the conclusion that a change of location/life style was what we needed. 
So here we are now — with two more little ones. We’ve just relocated to a town three hours from our last home, where we’re we’ve made a free and clear land purchase.
We are staring our homestead in Lund BC, a small town near (20 mins by car) the city of Powell River. It’s a truly rural setting with 5-10 acre homesteads around us, surrounded by vast swaths of PNW forests.
I’m in the middle of building our home. We’re doing it modestly without shackling ourselves to any banksters.
I feel most fortunate and thankful to the universe for having the neighbours I’ve come to live near. 
They are the most hands-on, helpful and kind people I’ve ever met. Take our neighbour Ted: he’s a retired carpenter instructor and builder with 30 years’ worth of experience. He comes by every day at around noon to answer all my questions. And he’s willing to help me do some projects with his heavy equipment soon. 
His wife, Annette, is a retired teacher with a heart of gold. She offers to have our kids over any time. Their children live next door (Eric and Alisha) who have 3 kids the same age as ours.
Our back 40 neighbour, Mehtab, lives off-grid and is a yogi who’s into permaculture. He’s helped me various times without asking for anything in return. So I gave him my old work van when his broke down.
Down the road are Jasmine and Mac, two highly educated 30 year olds who make ice cream and teach tap dance (my daughter taps and I have a sweet tooth)
Our hope is to turn our 9 acres of forest into 6 acres of permacultured landscape. We’ll leave the remainder forested. 
We’ve been inspired by the Peak Prosperity message as well as by the amazing work Ben Falk has done on his homestead, as well as many others. 
Our hope is that those who are on the fence, or are not sure if they can do it, see that the transition to a resilient life is possible. With hard work and resolve, the universe will answer back: YES!
We want to give thanks to Chris and Adam as well as to the PP community. 
Here are some pictures to share with you so you can see our progress. 
Our first winter
Starting our homestead layout
The hole in the ground I’ve got to fill in with a house
Our temporary housing 🙂
Starting to build footings
The foundation is poured!
Monkeys at play!

To share your own story, email us at [email protected]

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