Resiliant Tomato Juice

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  • Wed, Jun 17, 2020 - 02:49pm



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    Resiliant Tomato Juice

Resilience…an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change…..I dig it.


I have a very small story of resilience.  I’m really starting to like the term Resilience.  It has nothing to do with being rich or poor, or black or white, or young or old, or any of the other divisors we have.  It is only what each of us make of it.

So there I was…….

In the kitchen this morning looking at a big pile of split and cracked tomatoes.  During the first week of the shutdown, the wife and I had gone down to Lowes and found a bunch of tomato plants o sale.  My historical survival rate with garden plants is about 50%, so we bought a bunch of plants.  Because we rent our house, we planted them in pots, coolers, cat litter buckets (these are really good) and just about anything else we could find to plant things in.  The back yard was now a garden that we can take with us.   Watering the plants has become a twice daily routine, and they really do not like it when we miss a watering.  We also planted some strawberries, and peppers, cucumbers and now corn.  Little did I know but I was able to kill most of the strawberry plants, but the tomatoes and others seemed to do very well.  I had planned to re-home all of our extra tomatoes, but while they grew and survived, a lot of them cracked and split.  Although the wife and I don’t mind it, I have found that cracked and split tomatoes are not popular with the rest of the family.

So, what do I do with the many many good tomatoes that just look bad?  When life gives you cracked tomatoes, you make some tomato juice….or some homemade Clamato.

I cut the tomatoes into quarters and make sure there are no bad spots on them.  Then put them all in a large sauce pot..along with a pepper or two from the garden.  Big or small, Beefstake or Cherry..they all go in the pot.  Also, if I find some celery in the fridge, that’s in the pot as well.  Bring all of it to a boil and mush and strain it out.  Next I add a 1/3 cut of lemon juice, 1/2 cup of clam broth, and a tablespoon of some no salt Tony Chacheries.  That’s it.  Oh…and a dash of resilience.  Bottle and refrigerate…


Good ‘Maters just look bad.

Into the pot…..



  • Thu, Jun 18, 2020 - 04:29am

    Penguin Will

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    Resiliant Tomato Juice

Hey, those are some good looking ‘maters. 🙂

My wife insists that we plant a slew of tomatoes each season. The greatest portion goes into making tomato sauce. We use if for spaghetti, pizzas, and the like. It’s a good feeling and have fun eating all of those great tasting tomatoes this winter!


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