Reopening Madrid Spain (bad)

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    Reopening Madrid Spain (bad)

Hi all,

My name is Basil I am an unemployed Canadian computer programmer living in Madrid, my situation is better than most. Chris warned me back in January and, thankfully, I was able to make all possible arrangements at a relaxed and calm pace.

However, in Spain, very few companies are willing to switch to remote work, even for my field! Now experts are warning that a second wave is most likely inevitable and I don´t want to be part of that inevitability. So even if I´m lucky enough to find a job I am risking my safety in an office. I would love it if Mr. Martenson could shine a light on Spain´s de-escalation plan and provide neutral commentary.

Thank you Chris for spreading the word. Who knows what would have happened if I never found your channel.

p.s. yes please share my identity if this post makes it to a video and please share my LinkedIn as well! (shameless plug)

“Workplaces and leisure and entertainment facilities are key sites in terms of being sources of infection as economic activity restarts in Spain after two long months of isolation, the experts agree. “Infections will not stop,” Godoy explains. “Every time there is an oversight in a place and a group of people do not respect the protection measures, the virus will find a clear path to spread.”

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    Reopening Madrid Spain (bad)

If this whole event and the responses to it haven’t taught you that trusting “experts” (perceived authoritative figures) is the worst idea ever, nothing will. YOU need to become the expert, by spending the time to research what all the experts that are ignored in the false “official” narrative are saying.  The “experts” they show on the corporate media are not likely to be the most relevant experts you want to listen to.

The virus itself is only very dangerous if you’re in bad health and deficient in the nutrients your body requires for a competent immune response. That’s in summary what you should do, if you need someone to tell you: take vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C, healthy saturated fats & protein, and don’t let fear from the stream of fear-mongering shut down your immune system.

Spain is very similar to Canada in the sense that they are both currently under the control of psychopathic mafia-style far-left organized crime. That threat/problem/challenge is far more immediate really.

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