Ralph Nader to Paulson, “Bail out your buddies”

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    Ralph Nader to Paulson, “Bail out your buddies”

It is old news, but funny  

Ralph Nader to Paulson, "Bail out your buddies"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008 at 12:00:00 AM




Who: Ralph Nader

What: Ralph Nader will issue a statement to Hank Paulson asking him to give 25% of his own money from the fortune he made on Wall Street ($150 million) to help bailout his comrades

When: 1.30 pm – 2.00 pm

Where: In front of the Treasury Building, 1500 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC

Today, October 14 at 1:30pm in front of the Treasury Building Ralph Nader will tell Wall Street success Hank Paulson: "Bail out your buddies, give 25% of your Wall Street fortune to your comrades." Secretary Paulson admitted that many Americans did not feel the benefits of economic expansion because of the rising costs of energy, which can be attributed to Paulson’s speculating buddies on Wall Street. Why then should the citizens at-large in the United States be the only saviors of Wall Street? Secretary Paulson, Wall Street crony, will be called on to help.


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    Re: Ralph Nader to Paulson, “Bail out your buddies”

Ralph has always been a guy who hasn’t been afraid to speak out against the BS and abuse, but so few actually take him seriously anymore – too bad actually.  But then again, if the public ever did start to listen to what he had to say we’d probably read that he had been found in the truck of a burned up Corvaire.

I do believe that the issues before us are much bigger and well organized than any of us will ever know.  We as a world of people – not just a nation – need to stop listening to the tripe that government education has been feeding us and learn the real truth.

I have to stop now, the Homeland Security Police are here to search my office again!



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    Tom Page

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    Re: Ralph Nader to Paulson, “Bail out your buddies”

Ralph got my vote last week.  I couldn’t vote for the other candidates that supported the bailout. 

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