question regarding total credit market debt statistics

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  • Sat, Dec 13, 2008 - 12:55pm



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    question regarding total credit market debt statistics

Does anyone know of a website that has a "table" showing the annual totals by year for the various components of the total credit market debt – i.e. the fed, state, municipal, corporate and private listed seperately?





  • Thu, Feb 12, 2009 - 03:46am

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    Re: question regarding total credit market debt statistics

I have a question regarding the approx. -$50 trillion net-present-value of social security, medicare and medicaid liabilities.

My queston is, over how many years was the NPV calculated?  If this calculation goes out 50 years, then that would mean an annual shortfall of about "only" $1 trillion (plus the interest not gained on the $50 trillion we currently don’t have in the bank), whereas if it was calculated going forward only 15 or 10 years, it would translate to a shortfall of $3.3 to $5 trillion per year.  These are of course in addition to the interest shortfall represented by not having the $50 trillion in the bank right now earning interest.  

Can somebody provide an answer to this, or show me where I may be making a fundamental mistake in assumptions in arriving at this question?   Of course I know that regardless of the time, these numbers are disastrous.  

Thank you.


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