putting 2 and 2 together ?

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  • Wed, Feb 19, 2020 - 01:15am

    maria delattre

    maria delattre

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    putting 2 and 2 together ?

So I am’trying to assimilate all the information you give us, and it looks pretty scary :

Facts :

COVID-19 can be dormant or asymptomatic . you have it but you don’t know. This looksa lot like HIV when it was discovered. Some people had it without any simptoms.

The second time you get infected you die because of some ACE2 in your heart  that are not wworking properly any more.

Deduction :

so at the end of a couple of months or years, we will all get infected, one way or’the other, and then reinfected a second time and … we die?

  • Wed, Feb 19, 2020 - 04:30am

    Ulrik Rasmussen

    Ulrik Rasmussen

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    We all die, but

Now we have months to come up with preventative countermeassures.


1. IV drop with hydrogen peroxide can make you survive cytokine storm, add small drop of collodial silver in drop, then you can cure yourself

2. Ketogenic diet removes glucose from your blood. Without glucose not growth of virus.

It’s pretty simple, and pretty cheap, and you get fitter, leaner and better looking.

Can you read about this in a magazine or newspaper. No, but if we study how body works, and look for options that does not need medicine from pharma companies.

You saw it first here!


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