Program for steady-state economy

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    Program for steady-state economy

We need a program for reconstructing the economy as a steady state economy that can employ people steadily in socially useful work, with gradually increasing quality of output using constant or even decreasing energy inputs, and without an exponential increase in credit that would generate a new depression cycle.  This program should provide aframework for policy proposals now for how to prevent mass impoverishment andstarvation as the economy implodes.  People urgently need a program for starting the recovery process before we hit rock bottom, because this time around rock bottom will be too far down to survive.  Failure to agree on a plan will result in mass social chaos is tobe avoided.  The plan should be based on a vision of a future economy that doesn’t generate depressions, and the process of implementing it must begin now, while the financial house of cards is collapsing around us.  

For example, instead of pumping that $750 billion into trying to shore up a doomed financial structure it could have been spent on financing a new economy, if we were clear and agreed on what that would be.  But what can you buy with a doomed currency that will outlive it?  Any suggestions?


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    Perhaps our true crisis is a moral one

Our current financial and social models are so dysfunctional and harmful to the inhabitants of them I don’t know if they can be fixed. The fix, so to speak, may simply be starting over. But what does that really mean and how does that occur? I don’t know. Everything is just so damn complex these days. The designers of the engine don’t even know how it works, let alone how to fix it.

Certainly, world leaders lack the political will to "tell it like it is" (even if they know how it is) and actually act like leaders in the truest sense of the word. Financial leaders are far too corrupt and self-centered to affect the changes that are needed to right this lurching vessel. Besides, it’s not big business’ purpose to act altruistically for the greater good. So all those with the true power to this point have not displayed a scintilla of movement towards doing anything constructive. I imagine that most leaders and people of influence are more likely to be running out the back door of the burning building while the audience is still entranced by the magic show. In short, performing in the exact opposite manner from which they should be acting.

I really think we first need to restructure our vocabulary and concepts. So, perhaps, words like employee should no longer exist. Or interest. Or growth. Or credit. Our economy needs to be as simple as possible. First off, get rid of interest, credit, and the world of financing right off the bat. All those people in those fields. Poof! Go do something constructive for once in your lives. Produce something that is real that has tangible, measureable benefits for society and the community.

Retirement no longer exists either. Like all animals since the dawn of time, when you stop providing for yourself you die. So you better be strong or have been amicable enough to your friends and loved ones so that they’ll want to care for you during times of sickness and in your golden years.

Vacations no longer exist. Trotting the globe for the whitest beaches and sipping exotic, artificially colored beverages is nonsense. In the new world, places like Disneyland and other "theme parks" will seem vulgar and hedonistic to people of conscience.

"Funds," in their myriad forms no longer exist.

Maybe what needs restructuring isn’t so much our economy but our minds and spirits. Ideas of "getting rich" and "money is power" and "wealth creation" have to be struck from the cultural record.

But the problem is that most people love this stuff, they lap it up. Everyone longs to be the "smartest guys in the room."

I’m tired and I’ve rambled. I hope at least one person finds this mildly interesting.

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