Preventive Dental Care

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  • Wed, Feb 29, 2012 - 07:20pm



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    A Modest Proposal…


How about we put fluoxetine in the water supply. I hear Eli Lilly and other companies that produce fluoxetine would be very interested in this proposal.

After all, tens of millions of people in America are at risk of depression and feelings of negativity about their personal live or work situations. We can prevent a lot of unnecessary suicides and self-harm in this manner by water fluoxetination.

After all, people are too lazy to take responsible care of their health, and human lives are far more important than mere cavities. The benefits outweigh the risks.


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We remove McDonald’s from the food supply. Certainly, their contribution to chronic diseases in this country have caused more societal costs than tooth decay. Type II diabetes, heart disease, obesity and all it’s associated issues or a set of dentures?

Seriously, my issue with water fluoridation is that I was given no choice. I don’t like things being put in my food supply by central planners. The potential unintended consequences are never known until the damage is done.

  • Thu, Mar 01, 2012 - 10:10am



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    I’ve switched …

… to non-flouride toothpaste. I’ve got awful teeth but still have most of my teeth (though most of them are filled with something), so we’ll see if this has any impact, in months to come. I’ve also cut out refined sugar (still have a very small bit of honey and also fruit, but no chocolate, ice cream, cake, biscuits/cookies, sweetened yoghurt, etc.), so that should help.

Regarding toxins, a couple of good books cover that area – Gut and Psychology Syndrome and Deep Nutirition. Nourishing Traditions also has a lot of interesting info even though it’s probably primarily a cookbook.


  • Thu, Mar 01, 2012 - 07:28pm



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 I find it hard to believe that there is anyone left that would advocate adding much of anything to our domestic water supply as a dietary supplement. Our challenge is to do our best to have clean, health giving, fresh water. We seem to be stuck with adding chlorine to keep the bacteria count at an acceptable level, but other than that (or some better way) our aim needs to be have the cleanest best water we can obtain – without additives – preferably without even trace drugs & hormones as we find in most of our city water.

If fluoride is good, why not add other minerals, drugs and vitamins – of course that is ridiculous on the face of it, but somehow fluoride is OK ?!?

Think of drinking water, soft drinks, beer, infant formula, using fluoride toothpaste and getting the dentist fluoride treatment – add it all up and overdose is easily in order. Then add a vegetable garden watered with fluoridated water, fed to chickens and eaten as eggs – each step concentrating more and more fluoride to poison your body. Over time, our soil becomes loaded with more and more fluoride as do our septic & sewage treatment systems. Then add industrial processes that use domestic fluoridated water to process products we ingest or even touch and more is loaded into our bodies.

Some light reading on the subject:

Personally, I drink water from my own well that is fluoride (and chlorine) free and drink almost no commercially prepared foods or beverages, as well as water my garden & trees

Good health to all !


  • Fri, Mar 02, 2012 - 01:09am



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Poor people in other countries that eat fresh non-processed food have healthier teeth than Americans…  




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